How To Write Your Own Order Pulling E-zine Ads

Written by Ken Hill

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The body of your ad copy should get your reader excited about what you have to offer. Stress how your product or service can make your readers' life better or make things easier for them.

When deciding which benefits to stress in your advertising, get into your customers' minds. Ask yourself why your customers have bought your product. What arerepparttar main benefits your product offers that cause your customers' to make a purchase? What benefits are most appealing to your customers?

If you can answer these questions you will be able to easily fill your ad with benefits that will be especially attractive to new people you introduce to your product through your ad.

3. End your ad with a call to action.

Once you grab your readers' attention and build up your readers' interest,repparttar 100947 final step is to tell your reader what you want them to do with a call to action such as act now, getrepparttar 100948 details now, or learn more now.

When writing your ad don't try to sell to your reader just from your e-zine ad.

Use your ad to create interest and desire for your product, and then use your call to action to direct your reader to your site and let your site sell your product to your visitor with a powerful sales message and/or ask your reader to e-mail you for more information so that you can successfully follow up with her.

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Which of these mistakes are you making with ezine advertising?

Written by Jason Mann

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>>Solution:<< Run Solo or Top sponsor ads. These ads get more exposure. They are exclusive (solo mailings) or only have 2-3 (sponsor ads) per issue spaced out betweenrepparttar content. Mistake #4: Going for large subscriber bases. Large subscriber stats are impressive. 30,000 subscribers is a ton of eye balls andrepparttar 100946 potential to return a profit is greatly increased. Well, this is completely untrue.

A recent test we ran took our breath away. We spent $180 on a solo ad to a subscriber base in a general marketing publication of 30,000 subscribers. We ran that same solo ad for $65 in an ezine about pop-up marketing strategies with a subscriber base of 1200.

Ad #1 to 30,000+ brought back $0!

Ad#2 to 1200 specifically targeted subscribers brought back $900 in pure profit!

>>Soltuion:<< While tons of subscribers may seem likerepparttar 100947 right way to go, before you invest money, check out smaller, highly targeted ezines and test your ads in those. You'll save money and odds are your returns will be greater.

Mistake #5: Running your ad once.

When I first started advertising ezines I would run one ad one time, if it didn't produce results I would switch ezines and runrepparttar 100948 ad again. This was I testedrepparttar 100949 ad. Many business owners are doingrepparttar 100950 same thing today. By runningrepparttar 100951 ad only once, you're cutting your chances to profit in half.

By running it 2-3-4 times, even ifrepparttar 100952 first run didn't make a profit gives your ad more exposure, readers will "think" it's producing because you ran it more than one time, therefore other subscribers must have thought it was worth looking at helping your ad produce.

>>Solution:<< Run every ad at least twice. Then instead of switching ezines, switch ads. Run that ad twice. Do this with all your ads. You'll be suprised to findrepparttar 100953 ezine actually produces profits for another ad and not another. So now you can run that ad 4-5-6 times and squeeze more profits fromrepparttar 100954 ezine.

Ezine advertising is profitable. It takes testing, tracking, solo or top sponsor placments and more testing to pin point ezines with high sales ratio's. Don't give up onrepparttar 100955 ezine just because a successful ad from another test didn't work. Place another ad, test it, test another and so on.

All you need is 5-10 profitable ezines and you'll increase sales and profits for your business.

Jason Mann is a profitability consultant who works with small and medium web business to increase their overall profit using easy to deploy, cost effective marketing strategies. Visit his web site at: for more helpful information about web marketing.

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