How To Write Your Newsletter

Written by Justine Curtis, Enable UK

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I would also advise that if you use an article from a particular author, you email them and let them know you have reproduced it and are interested in any other articles of a similar type. You may then find that they send you new relevant articles as they are finished and this will provide content for some of your future newsletters without having to go looking for it.

Another way of getting experts to write articles for you is to seek them out and interview them. Ask yourself: 1. What problem can you think of that could be solved by experts? 2. Who are these experts? 3. Where can I contact them?

Ask them if they’d agree to be interviewed for your newsletter. You can interview them by telephone, email or in person. Often, experts who would not takerepparttar time to write an article would be more than happy to answer a few questions and let you publish their answers in return forrepparttar 147525 free publicity,repparttar 147526 publishing of their contact details and a link to their web site.

Don’t get discouraged if they don’t all respond. Remember to be courteous and respectful as they’re doing you a favour.

How to presentrepparttar 147527 information If you are using someone else’s articles or interviews for your newsletter,repparttar 147528 format will present itself. You can’t changerepparttar 147529 format of a prewritten article for copyright reasons and an interview is usually easiest to present in a question an answer format. When writing your own articles you can also use question and answer format, using yourself asrepparttar 147530 expert or you can explore a topic in depth in an article style format. Another popular way to presentrepparttar 147531 information is what I callrepparttar 147532 “tip-list” list option.

For example: 21 maintenance tips for your car 10 ways to prepare your home for sale 101 things you can with your digital camera 25 easy ways to say money on your household bills

All you need to do is decide what question or problem you want to solve and come up with a list of answers. Easy. And if you get stuck, go back to those experts again.

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Now What? Easy, isn’t it?

The truth ofrepparttar 147533 matter is, today anyone can become a published author with a subscriber based newsletter in no time at all.

Now that you’re a newsletter author, you’re going to be interested in ways to improve and make money from your newsletter. But that’s a topic for next time…

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Seecrets On Website Promotion: Marketing Plan For Joe Nogood Gift Store

Written by Stan Seecrets

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Releasing 4 Free Software a year using Rebrand Software

Neither Joe nor Stan can write software of professional quality. It is true Stan attended a few night classes in programming but writing software that will be used as market promotion tools is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Giving away free software like corporate gifts (golf caps, diaries) will need quality and robust software. When users download and use Joe’s software, they will see logo and a link directly to Joe’s site. Apart fromrepparttar onetime costs, there are no extra costs - when Joe gives out this corporate gift to 1000 or 1 million, his outlay isrepparttar 147489 same. Joe’s eyes glistened on hearing this.

Joe found a rebrand software site that will sell him resale rights with adjustments. That is important, because do not want to be associated with cloned software that everybody may have, like many marketing self-help books. He wants some unique feature that will distinguish his corporate gift fromrepparttar 147490 others. Finally, he decided on an RSS news feed reader, stock charting program, a time planner with crypto functions and a computer security tool.

Sending 6 Press Releases a year

Joe understands that sending messages is tricky. From his knowledge of Chaos Theory, which he learned from analyzing stocks, information seeps throughrepparttar 147491 internet at different speeds.

A press release by Google can travel roundrepparttar 147492 world many times in a few hours. Onrepparttar 147493 other hand, a message by Joe may take months just to crossrepparttar 147494 Atlantic Ocean. Hence, he chose headed by a veteran with 15+ years experience to give him an edge overrepparttar 147495 thousands of press releases filed each day.

A happy ending

Atrepparttar 147496 end ofrepparttar 147497 first year, Joe found he gained about 1000 links for his articles, assuming 20 links for each article. Forrepparttar 147498 8 free e-books and software titles, he got about 2000 links, assuming 250 links for each title. Forrepparttar 147499 press releases, he found another 250-500 links. 3000-plus inbound links for one year of hard work is indeed gratifying for Joe.

Years downrepparttar 147500 road, Joe’s hard work and determination had paid off. His store isrepparttar 147501 recognized leader with over 36% ofrepparttar 147502 global share in gift sales. Fromrepparttar 147503 meticulous data he has collected overrepparttar 147504 years, he converted these to marketing data that any advertiser or gift manufacturer would die to get their hands on. Joe wisely published for-subscription-only e-books withrepparttar 147505 grand title of Collective Consciousness of Gift Buyers by Country, Month and Year and priced them in eGold (equivalent to thousands of Yanks dollars). Joe Nogood struck dotcom gold. The powers in Mountain View are not amused. and Joe Nogood are fictional. Hopefully readers can see a bit of themselves in Joe as he grapples withrepparttar 147506 complex issues onrepparttar 147507 Internet. Stay tuned, folks.

The term Bushmen Americans is hereby released intorepparttar 147508 public domain. A small attribution (first coined by Stan Seecrets) is appreciated. The usefulness of this term may have a limited shelf life (around Jan. 2009) unless someone named Jeb becomes President then.

The name Joe Nogood isrepparttar 147509 exclusive copyright of Stan Seecrets. Fair use is permitted.

Anybody who wants to trade his full-featured, hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered, ocean-going yacht for exclusive movie/television rights to Joe Nogood’s story can contact this author 24/7.

Stan Seecrets Postulate: We’re Good at (figure this one out yourself).

The author, Stan Seecrets, is a veteran software developer with 25+ years experience at which specializes in digital asset protection and total website management. You can send your views or criticism by e-mail to Stan at © Copyright 2005, Stan Seecrets. All rights reserved

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