How To Write Little Tiny AdWords Ads That Bring Giant-Sized Profits

Written by Karon Thackston

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Now, go back and take out every word that does not absolutely need to be there. You probably came up with something like this:

Everything in one place! Hundreds of styles, hard-to-find sizes. Prices far below other stores. Shipping free. Women's shoes and sandals.

That’s a LOT smaller and still getsrepparttar point across. However, it is still too long for AdWords. Your headline must be less than 25 characters (including spaces). Your copy can only be 35 characters per line. (You get two lines.) Now isrepparttar 108043 time to begin rearranging words to create an ad that will match Google’s guidelines, include your keywords, and draw a crowd to your site.

Here are a couple I came up with:

100s of Styles-Low Prices Big savings on women's shoes. Plus free shipping! All sizes in stock.

Discount Women's Sandals Latest styles at deep discounts. All sizes in stock. Free Shipping!

Step Five – Test, test, test! Put them up and give them a go. See what happens. Believe me, Google will notify you quickly if your ads aren’t performing. Those that get lower than a .05% click through rate are immediately “disapproved.” You are notified that your ad has been pulled and that you need to make changes.

Userepparttar 108044 information inrepparttar 108045 AdWords campaign section to trackrepparttar 108046 results. I’ve heard countless tales of those who have changed one little word and gone from a .07% CTR to a 5.0% CTR. If your ad is pulled, make simple changes to start with. Swapping outrepparttar 108047 word “savings” for “discount” or “big” for “huge” can be all it takes to catapult you torepparttar 108048 top ofrepparttar 108049 list.

When you write extremely short copy, remember to stay focused. There is not enough room to sellrepparttar 108050 customer within your copy, but there IS enough room to pique their interests. Userepparttar 108051 limited space you have to punch uprepparttar 108052 biggest benefits or end results your customers are looking for and you’ll see bigger returns on your AdWords investment.

Most buying decisions are emotional. Your ad copy should be, too! Karon is Owner and President of Marketing Words, Inc. which offers targeted copywriting, SEO copywriting & ezine article services. Visit her site at today, or learn to write your own powerful copy at

How To Get Immediate Response to Your Sales Pitch

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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5. Reward for fast responders and penalty for slow responders

As a teenager I'll attend summer youth camps that I'll have to register for a few months in advance. Allrepparttar forms came with a deadline after which you'll have to pay a higher price. I always tried to register early so that I'll getrepparttar 108042 lower price. This sure defeatedrepparttar 108043 procrastination bug in me.

A slight variation to this isrepparttar 108044 sales of tickets for an event that will carry a higher price if you chose to pay atrepparttar 108045 door. This encourages ticket sales because those who boughtrepparttar 108046 ticket are assured of a lower price.

6. Games of chance.

You've may have seen this strategy in selling magazine subscriptions. You are pitched on subscribing for a chance to win a Caribbean vacation or a digital camera. The only way you can win will be to get an entrance by makingrepparttar 108047 purchase. It's a gimmick that works very well for Publisher's Clearing House. There are many other companies that use this method as a lead generation tool as well.

7. Make it easy to respond.

This may berepparttar 108048 least obvious strategy of all but it's often overlooked. Do you want your prospect to call? Then offer a phone number in big bold type. Should they fill out a form then makerepparttar 108049 form simple to fill out. You can even pre-fillrepparttar 108050 options to make this a multiple choice type survey sheet. Do you want them to click on a link and fill in their credit card information? Then tell them so. Even though it may be obvious to you this doesn't mean that it will be obvious to your prospects.

If you give your potential customers too many hoops to jump through then they'll more than likely abandonrepparttar 108051 sale. There are many big company websites that take you through multiple steps just to give them your money. These arerepparttar 108052 same companies that complain of abandoned shopping carts.

So provide easy and multiple ways of ordering-phone, fax, credit card, money order, online merchant and whatever is practical for you.

I've read many websites whererepparttar 108053 copywriters seem to almost apologize for asking forrepparttar 108054 order. There is zero incentive for me to order now. It's as if they are saying, "Now that you've read this, you can go away and think about it. Then come back and make your order." Don't bring me torepparttar 108055 top ofrepparttar 108056 decisional mountain and then allow me to slide right back downrepparttar 108057 other side-a lost soul. … I mean a lost sale.

After getting me excited about your product or service then sell me (I mean let me buy) and encourage me to feel really good about it.

Make me feel lucky that I got in on that great deal.

The best deal sincerepparttar 108058 invention of slice bread!

Ray L. Edwards is a published author, copywriter and internet marketing consultant. He has made tens of thousands of dollars for his copywriting clients. Being an online market himself,he understands what it takes to sell online and welcomes your inquiry about his master copywriting service.

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