How To Write Eye-Grabbing Headlines That Catapult Your Prospects Into Your Ads

Written by William Swayne

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"New Software Boosts Stockbrokers' Income by 34, 43, even 125% - by Slashing Time Spent Chasing "Dead" Accounts and Laser-Focusing Your Energies onrepparttar Big Players"

OK, it needs a bit of work, but you getrepparttar 108052 idea. Some people don't like this type of headline - it's too "hypey". And it's certainly not right for every kind of product or service - but I've had very good success with this type of headline, especially online.

4. Use "cognitive dissonance"

That's a fancy way of saying, make your audience curious. Here's a headline we're testing for a client who sells bumper stickers:

"Do You Wonder How We Can Sell Full-Colour Stickers At A 1-Color Price, with FREE Artwork?"

This type of headline makes people curious - they feel compelled to findrepparttar 108053 answer and relieve a sense of "dissonance" with this apparent paradox.

5. Include some challenging or surprising information

Here's a headline that I wrote for a lead-generating website for a rubbish removal contractor, 1300 Rubbish:

"Fast, Professional Rubbish Removal, Sydney-wide...We'll Pay You $1 Per Minute In Cash If We're Late!"

The "hook" isrepparttar 108054 guarantee. Also bear in mind that most ofrepparttar 108055 people who see this headline will have already searched forrepparttar 108056 term "rubbish removal sydney" or similar, so they are expecting to see something related to those keywords.

How are your headlines? Can you use any ofrepparttar 108057 above tips to get better response?

Will's academic background is in Statistics and TQM. From Feb 2000 to Jan 2003, he worked for JIMOS Corporation, a Japanese marketing company as they went from $0 to $100 million dollars in sales in 5 years. In 2003, he returned to Australia to establish Marketing Results to adapt his successful direct marketing practices to other industries.

Advertising the Kanoodle Way

Written by Lawrence Roth

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Kanoodle also hasrepparttar basic reporting features like Google Adwords and Overture. It does appear to be a good tool and I have found it useful to supplement advertising that I do with Google Adwords and Overture. However,repparttar 108051 one thing that I have found most helpful from Kanoodle is usingrepparttar 108052 $5 credit towards receiving a list of keywords. This is a great start for those who are starting advertising onrepparttar 108053 Internet but are not too sure about where to start and do not know what keywords to use for their site.

Lawrence Roth Webmaster Rothline Entertainment: Games, Movies and Software for people of all ages.

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