How To Write Better Solo Ads

Written by Jeremy Gislason

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Ads do not have to be long and boring, because people do not haverepparttar time or desire to read a long and boring ad. Short and torepparttar 108049 punch isrepparttar 108050 approach you want to take. My airplane will get you to your destination safer, faster, more economically, andrepparttar 108051 flight will be twice as comfortable asrepparttar 108052 nearest competitor and I can prove it to you. The above sentence would be a good solo ad. It is short--very short and it tells a prospect all they really want to know aboutrepparttar 108053 airplane--actually it does not tell them everything aboutrepparttar 108054 airplane, but it hits allrepparttar 108055 hot buttons. Safety, speed, economics and comfort--these arerepparttar 108056 main issues when someone wants to fly an airplane. Findrepparttar 108057 main issues that your product or service solves and write around those issues. Below are some power words that you can use in your ads. Refer back to these words as you write your ads and replace words in your ads with some of these power words and then compare your two ads and see which you prefer. One final suggestion. Spell check your ad and then spell check it again and then read it several times and if possible, have someone else read it. Make sure you do not write "your" when you mean "you're" and that you have capitalized correctly. Good luck! Absolutely.. Amazing.. Approved.. Attractive.. Authentic.. Bargain.. Beautiful.. Better.. Big.. Colorful.. Colossal.. Complete.. Confidential.. Crammed.. Delivered.. Direct.. Discount.. Easily.. Endorsed.. Enormous.. Excellent.. Exciting.. Exclusive.. Expert.. Famous.. Fascinating.. Fortune.. Full.. Genuine.. Gift.. Gigantic.. Greatest.. Guaranteed.. Helpful.. Highest.. Huge.. Immediately.. Improved.. Informative.. Instructive.. Interesting.. Largest.. Latest.. Lavishly.. Liberal.. Lifetime.. Limited.. Lowest.. Magic.. Mammoth.. Miracle.. Noted.. Odd.. Outstanding.. Personalized.. Popular.. Powerful.. Practical.. Professional.. Profitable.. Profusely.. Proven.. Quality.. Quickly.. Rare.. Reduced.. Refundable.. Remarkable.. Reliable.. Revealing.. Revolutionary.. Scarce.. Secrets.. Security.. Selected.. Sensational.. Simplified.. Sizable.. Special.. Startling.. Strange.. Strong.. Sturdy.. Successful.. Superior.. Surprise.. Terrific.. Tested.. Tremendous.. Unconditional.. Unique.. Unlimited.. Unparalleled.. Unsurpassed.. Unusual.. Useful.. Valuable.. Wealth.. Weird.. Wonderful.

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Written by Elaine

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I achieved my Bachelor’s of Art degree with honours from Cheltenham University. After receiving my degree, I decided to delve intorepparttar media world to applyrepparttar 108048 theory I had learned. My duties as Production Manager forrepparttar 108049 BBC involved presenting workshops, script proof and organising training events. My diverse responsibilities have given merepparttar 108050 opportunity to interact with every business department from media relations to finance. For instance, I played a crucial role in a short course where I trained a production team in African Art.

This experience provided me with an opportunity to refine my understanding ofrepparttar 108051 inner workings ofrepparttar 108052 organisational environment. In my spare time, I have continued designing websites, andrepparttar 108053 prospect of developing a web-based learning environment for students remains one of my foremost professional goals. I understandrepparttar 108054 importance of Web CT and if given this opportunity, would like to design an on-line art portal, including news, course information, forums, and lesson plans.

Indeed, my experiences as a mentor have solidified my desire to become a teacher. I am in constant pursuit of ways to improve my abilities as an instructor and have recently completed my postgraduate diploma in Art History. I hope to combine this academic knowledge with my existing production expertise to stimulate and encourage my students.

From experience, I understand that teaching has both its rewards and challenges. If givenrepparttar 108055 opportunity to study at Manchester University, I would like to create art courses that will provide opportunities for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real life situations and allow them to give feedback to continually improverepparttar 108056 lessons. Although I do not have a formal teaching qualification, I believe my business expertise has amply prepared me for a position at Manchester and that I will bringrepparttar 108057 unique perspective of a seasoned professional torepparttar 108058 students ofrepparttar 108059 course.

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