How To Write An Effective FAQ Page

Written by David Coyne

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After getting everyone’s comments, assemblerepparttar questions and group by category. For example, questions about how quickly you ship products would be under your “Shipping” category, etc.

Write your FAQ in a “Question & Answer” format.

Organizerepparttar 131813 questions in each category sorepparttar 131814 most important questions appear nearrepparttar 131815 top.

Create a “Table of Contents” atrepparttar 131816 top of your FAQ page and putrepparttar 131817 most asked questions here.

Hyperlink them so your customer just has to click to get torepparttar 131818 answer. Or hyperlink your categories atrepparttar 131819 top ofrepparttar 131820 page.

Here’s a few more tips:

-Keep your FAQ updated. Arerepparttar 131821 answers still relevant? Review monthly.

-Keep your questions and answers concise. No more than a paragraph. Ifrepparttar 131822 question requires a long, detailed answer, have a link to a separate webpage.

-Don’t create your FAQ as a file that a prospect has to download to read. Most people won’t bother, and they’ll leave your site frustrated.

-Include info and links atrepparttar 131823 bottom of each FAQ page so that a prospect can contact you if they still have unanswered questions.

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Flashation Flash Menu Builder

Written by Alex Bronco

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A unique feature of Flashation isrepparttar possibility to create an unlimited number of different layouts for navigation menus. It does not necessarily have to be a neat row of buttons from left to right or top to bottom. By using anywhere from one to as many as 250 buttons and arranging them in any configuration over many lines, horizontally, vertically and diagonally, a personalized layout can be formed.

The price for this tool has been set at US$29,95 but, as a special introductory offer, Flashation Web Menu Builder now sells for just US$19,95 for a limited time only.

Flashation already offers more than 50 unique button templates, and more will be added torepparttar 131811 software in future upgrades. People who buy Flashation now will automatically receive upgrades with more buttons and expanded features, up torepparttar 131812 next major version, for free.

More information and samples of web menus created withrepparttar 131813 tool are available atrepparttar 131814 website. A demo version of Flashation Web Menu Builder can be downloaded free of charge fromrepparttar 131815 website at

Note to editors (not for publication): Need more information about Flashation Web Menu Builder and its features, benefits and possibilities? Contactrepparttar 131816 makers of Flashation at

Developer of Flashtion

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