How To Write Ads That Get Response

Written by Lisa Packer

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3.Include a photo. Don’t makerepparttar photorepparttar 137554 entire ad with only minimal copy, but do include one that supports what your ad says. Pictures in ads are like body language: they convey your tone and intention, and if done right add to your credibility. But they do not persuade by themselves. Only words can do that.

4.Ask for response. People won’t call if you don’t ask them to. Tell your prospect what it is you want her to do. Call for a free quote. Visit our web site. Come in today and stock up. Send in this coupon. You getrepparttar 137555 point.

Changing your ads from “name recognition” to “direct response” can not only increase your business, they can lower your advertising bill. Because they don’t have to be run over and over and over to be effective.

So “fire” your old ads today, and “hire” new ones that really produce!

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Powerful Lessons From A $20 Bill

Written by Catherine Franz

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Every hand raised.

The lessons learnedˇ­

Whenever you make an offer you absolutely have to make sure you tell whomever you want to buy into whatever your offer is conveying what's involved on their part. I'm talking about what will they loose out on if they pass on this opportunity. It could be a tank of gas or even lunch with a friend. It doesn't always need to be something big and bold.

Another lesson learned was that inrepparttar first audience, repparttar 136974 majority ofrepparttar 136975 people raising their hands were women. This demonstrated that women are more likely to jump on an offer than a man. This also says to me that women are more willing to take a gamble than a man. Hmmm, that's fuel for thoughtrepparttar 136976 next time you make an offer, isn't it?

What else does this exercise tell you? How would you present your offers differently? Here's your assignment. Think on this for a few moments and look at one of your offers and then askrepparttar 136977 questions that keep your audience's hands down and make sure you are addressing each one of them.

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Catherine Franz is a Life and Business Coach and Master Practitioner in the Laws of Attraction. Catherine guides others in finding the light of their own existence and walking an attractive truth in their own lives.

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