How To Win The .BIZ - .INFO Domain Lottery...

Written by Dr. Tag Powell Ph.D.

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The lower number inrepparttar Domain Name Vault que should increase your chances of obtaining your selected new .INFO Domains. (I also pre-registeredrepparttar 108333 same 40 new .BIZ - .INFO Domain Names as I did with Internic to increase my odds of success)

New ICANN Approved Rules... You can now buy as many "tickets" for a specific .BIZ Domain Name as you desire. This will increase your odds of winning. As an example: you can buy 20 pre-registration tickets for "Loans.BIZ," your investment forrepparttar 108334 twenty names ($6.00 per ticket) is $120.00. If you winrepparttar 108335 Loans.BIZ Domain you will then pay only $19.95 per year (two year min.) The more .BIZ "tickets" pre-registeredrepparttar 108336 better chance of winning.

.INFO Name Pre-Registration. .INFO Pre-Registration are still only $1.00 (at least at Domain Name Vault.) The rules are different for .INFO. There is only one pre-registered specific name per registrar. To win your best bet is to register your favorite .INFO Domain with several registrars.

$10.00 Per Name Pre-Registration. will pre-register your choice for $10.00 per name. The money is also non-refundable. Any New Domain Names you actually obtain you will pay an additional $50.00 - $60.00. There are already over 250,000 .BIZ - .INFO pre-registered Domains here to date, so you will be on a large waiting list. (I also pre registered my 10 best Domain Name choices.) This $10.00 non-refundable $10.00 fee may becomerepparttar 108337 rule.

$7,560.00 Up Per Name Pre-Registration. Yes, that's not a typo. Andrepparttar 108338 bidding seems to start at $7,560.00 per Domain. will pre-register .BIZ - .INFO Domains but you must bid against others desiringrepparttar 108339 same name andrepparttar 108340 highest bidder will getrepparttar 108341 Domain Name. You pick any .BIZ - .INFO name and make a bid.

This has to berepparttar 108342 craziest Domain Name deal ever. eNom Domain Registrar is auctioning off things they do not own and remember may not get any Domains bided.

The current top three .BIZ - INFO Domains inrepparttar 108343 eNom bidding game are:

* current bid $27,250.00 * current bid $10,000.00 * current bid $8,020.00

Want to knowrepparttar 108344 top 50 requested .BIZ - .INFO Domains?

Isn't America great? As I see it, payingrepparttar 108345 $27,250.00 price for will haverepparttar 108346 same success odds asrepparttar 108347 $1 pre-registration. Duhh... (I did not place a bid with eNom but if you have big bucks to playrepparttar 108348 game, go for it!) The Bottom Line

1. Get pre-registered for your .BIZ and .INFO names NOW! There will never be an Internet gold rush like this one. Remember, if you get a .BIZ and .INFO Domain Name you will be charged. You will want to choose wisely and register only as many Domains as you can afford to pay if you actually getrepparttar 108349 name(s). The cost, depending on where you pre-register should be between Domain Name Vault's discount price of $19.95 up to Internic's $35.00 per year (both two years minimum). If you get one of these million-dollar names and decide not to use it you can always resellrepparttar 108350 name for big bucks.

2. Pre-registerrepparttar 108351 same Domain with several different Domain Name registration companies. If your chosen .INFO name is already selected by someone else, do not be discouraged. Go to another registration company. Remember NO .BIZ or .INFO Domains have actually been registered anywhere... you still have a chance!

3. Pre-registerrepparttar 108352 same .BIZ Domain with several times withrepparttar 108353 same Domain Name registration company. .BIZ Domain Name odds can be increased by buying several pre-register "tickets" withrepparttar 108354 same registrar.


Two More .BIZ And .INFO Domain Tips. A. Protect Your Trademark. Trademark owners can keeprepparttar 108355 squatters away by registering .BIZ, .INFO names during Sunrise Period. Save a lot of lawyer fees by registering your Trademark with .Info and .Biz. This is your cheapest insurance to protect your Trademark. Special advance registration will end on June 24h, after that all new .BIZ Domain Names are up for grabs. Trademark Owners Pre-register Now!

B. Protect Your Current ".COM" Domain. You can keeprepparttar 108356 squatters away by registering .BIZ - .INFO backups. We are protecting our Domain Name "" by pre-registering "" and "" This is cheap insurance to protect our Web future. It will be smart to pre-register all Domains you need for your business and a few more on speculation. Do not put this off, do it now. If you chooserepparttar 108357 Domain Name wisely it will be worth many times what you paid. Remember, hot Domain Names are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a few are selling for over a million.

Pay attention! Don't let this chance of a lifetime slip by,

Get ready forrepparttar 108358 Land Rush!

Dr. Tag Powell

Want more info onrepparttar 108359 .BIZ and .INFO Domain Name Lottery? Articles at: The New Domain Name Extensions And The .INFO/.BIZ Land Rush

BIZ-INFO Pre-registration General Public Land Rush

This Article URGENT INFO... Trademark Owners Must Protect Their Rights Within The Next 60 Days... Or Go To Court.

BIZ - INFO Registration Trademark Owners Only

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The secret of picking the right domain name

Written by Peter Doomen

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2) Pick your two or three main keywords. For each one, write down synonyms or almost-synonyms. For example: if your keyword is "car" you could add to this list: auto, automobile, autos, cars, van, truck, vehicle, wagon,...

3) Combinerepparttar words inrepparttar 108332 lists to make candidate domain names. Fromrepparttar 108333 first list, takerepparttar 108334 first word and combine it withrepparttar 108335 first word fromrepparttar 108336 second list andrepparttar 108337 first word fromrepparttar 108338 third list.

4) You can also have a list with prefixes like i, e, www, b2b,... or suffixes like 4me, forsale, and so on. You can combine these with all keywords.

5) Decide whether to use hyphens or not. A simple rule: "use hyphens whenever you suspect people will type in your keywords in one search term". For example, "" is better than "" because people won't rememberrepparttar 108339 hyphen. But "" is better than "" because approximately 15000 people use exactly these three words as search term each month andrepparttar 108340 domain with hyphens is likely to show up higher inrepparttar 108341 search results.

6) Decide on your top-level domain like .com, .org or .net. A very simple rule of thumb: use .com unless you have very good reasons not to. The fact thatrepparttar 108342 .com is already taken is *not* a good reason.

7) Rankrepparttar 108343 domain names in order of attractiveness, verify whether they already exist with a whois tool, and registerrepparttar 108344 best one.

I can assure you, steps 3 to 7 are necessary but not quite what *I* consider fun. I wrote a small program to do this for me. On its first launch, I foundrepparttar 108345 domain name "domain-name-tool", registered it and build a site. You can downloadrepparttar 108346 domain-name-tool at It's freeware. I mean "real" freeware.

Peter Doomen Peter spends most of his time building bridges between computer techies and normal people.

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