How To Use Pictures To Immediately Start Increasing The Response Rates Of Your Marketing

Written by Craig Garber

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This brings them much closer to buying your products.

Here's an example of what can happen when you use pictures of your product in use, in your marketing. First, go to this website and look forrepparttar picture ofrepparttar 144202 couple usingrepparttar 144203 wine-cabinet, about a third ofrepparttar 144204 way downrepparttar 144205 page.

I had my client use this exact same photo offline, using this web copy as a long-form sales letter.

Want to know howrepparttar 144206 sales letter did?

O.K., I'll tell you: We sent out 40 letters to a cold list, at an average cost of $2.25 for each letter: it was a $1.38 each forrepparttar 144207 printing, 83 cents forrepparttar 144208 postage on each letter, and another 4 cents forrepparttar 144209 envelope.

The first mailing, my client got 10 orders worth $20,970 Dollars, and since your second and third mailings will usually give you at leastrepparttar 144210 same number of orders your first mailing produced... we're expecting another $21,000 Dollars worth of business from this mailing.

Not bad, hey?

There was one tragic thing, though. The painful part of this was...

He didn't have 400 names instead of only 40!

So remember:

If you're going to use pictures, use photographs... and nothing else.

If you're going to show a photo of your goods and services, show your product or service actually being used.

And lastly, I didn't tell you this before, but I'm going to tell you now: Always put captions underneath your photos. People tend to look at photos with captions, and then readrepparttar 144211 caption itself, but many times, photos without captions get ignored. Why?

It has to do with your early programming from way back in elementary school when you were trained to read using textbooks, and then later on, newspapers.

Allrepparttar 144212 photos always had descriptive captions underneath them, didn't they?

And think back... what wasrepparttar 144213 first thing you did when you saw a photo with a caption?

Chances are, you looked atrepparttar 144214 photo and then you readrepparttar 144215 caption.

Well... just like bakery bread-slicing machines... some things never change.

What's going to happen is, your prospects will be doingrepparttar 144216 exact same thing when they're reading your sales promotions: First they'll look at your photos, and then they'll readrepparttar 144217 captions underneath.

Good pictures always lift your response rates. Start using themrepparttar 144218 right way, immediately... and you'll guarantee this.

Here's something else I bet you'll find unusual: Did you know, studies show men actually prefer seeing pictures of men using your product, and women actually prefer seeing pictures of women using your products? Yes, it's true!

Craig Garber is one of America's Top Direct-Response Copywriters and Direct-Marketing Consultants. For more copywriting tips, go to Copyright 2005

Advertise For Less: Insert Media

Written by Andre Plessis

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Sampling: This method of insertion offers a variety of “goody bags” distributed free to specific markets, i.e. college students, new mothers, buyers at retail and other special interest groups. Inserts accompany product samples and coupons. Some vendors are trying to qualifyrepparttar recipients by requiring them to spend a certain amount, or purchase multiple products, or fill out a direct response vehicle before receivingrepparttar 143266 sampling bags or boxes. Packages are sometimes given out “free” in high traffic situations. Frequently, geographic targeting is also available. Pricing ranges from $35/M-$50/M.

Card Deck Mailings: This vehicle usually consists of 20 or more 3-1/2 x 5-1/2” business reply cards delivered in poly packs. Rate card prices average from $35/M to $45/M and include printing; still mostly business-to-business, a growing number of consumer card decks have come ontorepparttar 143267 market. Approximately 500 decks are available in circulations of 50M-1MM each. Most decks will accept pre-printed inserts at a higher cost per thousand. Many are also mailing inrepparttar 143268 larger 5-1/2 x 7-1/2” format that is more pre-print friendly.

Catalog Bind-Ins/Blow-Ins: This distribution has been used in big numbers for years byrepparttar 143269 horticultural set (i.e. a magazine subscription offer or a lead generator for a lawn tool product is bound into a catalog). Many gift and apparel catalogs are now beginning to offer blow-in space as well as bind-ins to further serverepparttar 143270 direct response advertiser. Blow-ins can run as little as halfrepparttar 143271 price of package inserts torepparttar 143272 same customers. They generally represent larger volumes and more predictable mail dates.

Other Alternatives: Newspaper FSI’s have become more direct mail/direct response friendly as they are challenged with selling more pages while coupon distribution decreases. A great testing vehicle, they represent at least 100MM circulation weekly and can frequently be bought as remnant for under $4/M for a half page. Solo and blow-in opportunities are also available here.

Shared Advertising such as Inserts have been included in supermarket take-one racks, have ridden along with Pennysavers, order acknowledgements, retail circulars andrepparttar 143273 list goes on. As direct marketers look for increasingly creative methods to better their bottom line and find less expensive ways to generate new leads, and qualified inquiries, more will be developed. As direct marketing companies continue to be challenged byrepparttar 143274 cost of finding new customers,repparttar 143275 pool of mail order sources will continue to shrink. Options like riding along with newspapers and/or retailer circulars delivered in mail boxes and selectable by county size and type of households could spawn a brand new generation of customers.

Advertise For Less, Get More. For allrepparttar 143276 success stories,repparttar 143277 package insert field is just likerepparttar 143278 other forms of direct marketing response. It is a numbers game. If you watchrepparttar 143279 cost of printing andrepparttar 143280 cost of distribution, your response should be sufficient to provide you with a satisfactory cost per inquiry or cost per order. But for steady production of orders at reasonable and competitive costs, shared direct mail is hard to beat. And for ease of entry, low visibility, low cost, what could be better? The cost of heavy postage and four-color envelopes aren’t here. Inserts are inexpensive and for most products, there is an extensive universe. Many magazines, catalogs and continuity clubs distribute millions of inserts annually. They are makingrepparttar 143281 investment in inserts. Isn’t it time to consider this medium.

You Can Target The Following Audiences

• Consumers • Homeowners • Businesses • New Businesses • New Movers

Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less? Be Smart, Advertise For Less!

Andre Plessis

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