How To Use Exercise For Golf To Strengthen Your Swing

Written by Mike Pedersen

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I can’t tell you how many golfers (thousands) have emailed me telling me their amazing improvements in power, distance and accuracy from using exercise for golf to strengthen their swing.

It’s a very simple approach that won’t leave you sweating like a pig and spending hours upon hours in your gym. In fact…you don’t need a gym to dorepparttar kind of golf training I’m talking about.

Withrepparttar 148030 above golf training equipment, you can do a simple golf exercise program in less than 30 minutes “in your home”. Now that’s time-savings and even financial savings not having to keep up a gym membership.

The premise of using exercise golf golf to strengthen your swing is one that warrants quick results with a minimal time requirement.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Take a look at his just released golf fitness dvds at his golf training site - Perform Better Golf.

What Baseball Could Learn From a Former Skinny Kid!

Written by Anthony Ellis

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“I went through all ofrepparttar fads,repparttar 147894 low self-esteem andrepparttar 147895 lack of confidence that affects all areas of your life,” Ellis related. “I know how tough it is. But, I finally learnedrepparttar 147896 proper way to eat and weight train.”

Since 1998, Ellis has gained over 60 pounds of lean muscle. His body fat has gone from 10 percent to seven percent. He looks great and feels great about himself.

He has taken what he has learned and put it into an easy to understand, easy to follow program that is entirely natural and entirely safe. It does not include so called “natural” supplements or dangerous steroids.

He has already helped thousands of “skinny guys”, guys just like he once was, gain muscle mass withrepparttar 147897 right diet andrepparttar 147898 right exercise. More than 70,000 people worldwide have already obtained results fromrepparttar 147899 Gaining Mass! program. They have done it quickly, safely and without endangering their future health.

The program contains pure information telling users exactly what foods to eat and exactly which exercises will work to help them build muscle and body mass without fat. This is real information, withoutrepparttar 147900 fads and withoutrepparttar 147901 hype. It works. It has been proven to work again and again.

“Make no mistake,” Ellis says. “This program is not for everyone. It is only for those of us who have trouble gaining weight. We may not all become baseball home run sluggers, but we can look great and feel great. We can do it without all ofrepparttar 147902 problems some of those guys are going to continue to suffer.”

The Gaining Mass! program isrepparttar 147903 fast and safe way for skinny people to gain muscle mass, greater confidence and heightened self-esteem. This program uses exactlyrepparttar 147904 right diet and exercise. It does not use phony diet supplements or dangerous and illegal steroids.

For more information on this amazingly effective muscle building program, visitrepparttar 147905 website at today.

Former "skinny guy" Anthony Ellis is the author of Gaining Mass. The most widely used weight gain program in the world. This unique program designed to help people gain weight and build muscle, is currently being used in over 90 countries. For more information on how to gain weight and build muscle, check out his website at

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