How To Use Database Marketing To Skyrocket Your Online Profits

Written by Tony Newton

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Beneficial Uses For Your Database

Find out your customers purchasing habits. Userepparttar information to improverepparttar 139249 design of your web site. Use it to write all your advertising material more persuasively.

Find outrepparttar 139250 things they like or dislike about your business. Userepparttar 139251 information to target your best prospects.

Find out how much money your prospects or customers make. Use it to improve your customer service.

Find out what new products or services they need or want. Use it to test ideas before launching a total sales campaign.

Find out how to your improve your existing products or services. Use it to build your customer loyalty.

Find out which benefits or features they like most about your products or services. Use it to send electronic greeting cards on holidays or on your customer's birthdays.

The list of beneficial uses are endless. Do you seerepparttar 139252 importance of collecting this information? The Internet makesrepparttar 139253 process of collecting this information quicker and cheaper than offline methods. Take advantage of database marketing and watch your online profits skyrocket.

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10 Ways To Have People Keep On Coming Back To Your Site

Written by Darren Yates

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6: Jokes

Give your visitors a little humor. Don't be so serious; tell them a joke now and then. If they associate your web site with being happy they will keep coming back. It will also make you seem more approachable and human.

7: Free Stuff

Everyone loves to get free stuff. List free stuff on your site. It could be anything, software, services, sample products, e-books etc. The freebies should be related to your site topic. Keeprepparttar freebies coming and your visitors will return regulary.

8. Directories

Tell your subscribers about sites related to your site topic. The sites should be helpful and/or interesting. Become your readers site directory and they will come back.

9: Forums

Set up a forum on your site. When visitors post they can request they are emailed if somebody else posts to their post. They'll come back torepparttar 139130 site when they get this email. Maybe post again or check other posts and post there. Essentially they then also build you fresh new content.

10: RSS Feeds Convert new content you add to your site into an RSS feed. Visitors can sign up to your feed and your content will be permanently displayed in their RSS aggregator. As long as you regularly updaterepparttar 139131 feed visitors will come back to your site.

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