How To Use Autoresponders With Affiliate Programs and Pop Up Windows

Written by Matthew May

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Make sure you replace "" withrepparttar domain for your free web host. You can find 100s of free web hosts at .

18. Click "File."

19. Click "Save as."

20. Namerepparttar 102604 file "index.html ."

21. Under save in choose "C."

22. Click "Save."

23. Sign up for a free autoresponder account at

24. Log into your account.

25. Go to "On Line Form Manager."

26. Go to "Configure Autoresponder."

27. Go to "Set Up Re-direct Link."

28. Type inrepparttar 102605 url of your affiliate website. (

29. Click your back button twice to go torepparttar 102606 autoresponder control panel.

30. Click "Get Form Code.

31. Leaverepparttar 102607 name and email fields checked exactly as they are.

32. Click generate form code.

33. Go to Start, Run, Programs, Accessories then notepad.

34. Copy and pasterepparttar 102608 form code you just generated into notepad.

35. Saverepparttar 102609 file to your C drive as popup.html

36. Upload both popup.html and index.html to your free web host.

37. Log back into your autoresponder control panel at and type in several follow up email messages about your business.

Go to your free website and open uprepparttar 102610 first page. Click refresh and you will see your pop up window appear asking your prospects for their name and email address.

Note: Ifrepparttar 102611 pictures all are blank inrepparttar 102612 free website put this code intorepparttar 102613 portion onrepparttar 102614 html ofrepparttar 102615 free web page. Make sure you placerepparttar 102616 url ofrepparttar 102617 original url that your affiliate program gave you in this tag.

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Affiliate Program Checklist

Written by Paul Siegel

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D. Will You be Part of a Community?

15. COMMUNICATION MEDIUM - Doesrepparttar program have a newsletter, a mailing list, a forum, or some other means of communicating among all affiliates? 16. AFFILIATE DECISION-MAKING - Does each affiliate have a voice in making decisions that affect all affiliates? 17. MUTUAL PROBLEM SOLVING - Is there a method whereby affiliates can pose problems and have them solved byrepparttar 102603 affiliate community?- - - - - - - - - - - -

Be extremely careful when evaluating an affiliate program. Most people dwell onrepparttar 102604 financial arrangements. These are important, of course. But more important, I believe, are efforts made to achieve community. These efforts may bolster your ability to achieve greater financial goals.

Spend time in evaluation. It will pay off inrepparttar 102605 long run.


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