How To Unleash Your Own Viral Marketing Campaign

Written by Michael Low

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For pass-it-on VM to succeed, you have to create something that people will want to share with others.

Other pass-it-on VM media include PowerPoint slides, fun graphics and small utility programs. Check out some pass-it-on VM examples at

VM #3. Service-based

The most successful service-based VM pioneer is Hotmail. They started with little promotion but grew phenomenally using a little tag line that they included atrepparttar bottom of every email sent out. The tag line included a short teaser and their website URL.

Now imaginerepparttar 134289 number of emails that are sent out daily and how those emails help Hotmail get more new users - which in turn result in even more emails sent out!

The next example is Blue Mountain e-greeting cards. When someone sends an e-card using Blue Mountain,repparttar 134290 recipient has to go to Blue Mountain's site to view it - bringing in another potential user who will send out more e-cards.

One more example: BraveNet Web Services. BraveNet provides webmasters with tools such as guestbooks, forums, polls and email forms.

When people use a BraveNet guestbook on a member site, they are exposed to BraveNet's advertisements - inviting them to sign up for a BraveNet service.

If you own a service-based site, you should seriously consider implementing VM to grow your site. Start brainstorming for ideas!

Which Type Of VM Should You Implement?

Choose one that complementsrepparttar 134291 nature of your business and website. If you sell designer handbags, try doing a fun Flash game that quiz users on different brands of designer handbags. Be bold, creative and original!

To read more about viral marketing, go to o.cgi?l=a010p2

To search for marketing resources related to VM, go to o.cgi?l=a010p3

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Written by Ian McGregor

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It's easy to overlookrepparttar tricks your colleagues and others might have to share, right under your nose. If someone you know has a work intranet, access to resources, who can slip a flyer into a mail-out or publication, or any angle for publicity… exploit it. Do this as an exercise, ask allrepparttar 134288 members ofrepparttar 134289 cast, crew or company for a short story about themselves and get ideas from that. Don't hold back from following any wild lead that might arise


No notrepparttar 134290 sort that deletes hard-drives but ones that plant your info right on people's computer screens. I mentioned earlier about using your email signature to do some ofrepparttar 134291 work for you. Here is a clever trick that works. Make your sig. file a P.S. and make it somewhat personal. Look at this example ofrepparttar 134292 one I use to draw people to subscribe to my ezine, Performing Arts News:

P.S. Start making use of this awesome resource... Now! Click >> and discover free inside knowledge of new Australian plays & films, discount tickets and local and global creative vision.

After you finish reading this article write one for yourself, send it out to your friends when you email them and get onto email or web forums focused on your particular field and start posting messages using your new signature.

If you aren't already, start collecting email addresses from everybody you know. Once you have a few, run a competition giving away tickets or something else of perceived value, to all who forwardrepparttar 134293 email on to, say, five people and Cc it back to you so you can collect their addresses. If you've got a website, even better, as you can have a box for people to type in their email to join your list. Have an "Email Book" atrepparttar 134294 event and ask those people if they'd like to hear more about your company. Be aware even though jpeg images look whiz-bang people respond more effectively to plain text.


"When a circus inrepparttar 134295 mid-1950s said they had a unicorn on display, 50 percent more people came to seerepparttar 134296 show. How can you argue with a 50 percent increase in business? Wererepparttar 134297 people stupid? No. They were CURIOUS." -- Joe Vitale,

There are no points for lying, but you can s t r e a c hrepparttar 134298 truth and create some dramatic effects by making some OUTRAGEOUS claims that you can dismiss or back up later. Take for examplerepparttar 134299 crazy line used by Theatre Songe on a postcard forrepparttar 134300 recent 10X10 play festival: "Now More Taliban Than Ever". Clearly chosen for shock value,repparttar 134301 statement is neither true nor tactful. However, it got people interested on another level, whether they believed it or not. The season sold out!

There you have it! Five surefire essential tips to get a flood of interest in your creative pursuits. There are literally hundreds more, so thoroughly work on these principals and discoverrepparttar 134302 potential for more creative publicity that strikesrepparttar 134303 hearts, minds, and wallets of your soon-to-be audience.

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Ian McGregor is a professional actor and publicist committed to developing New Australian Plays and Films. He is the editor of PAN, "Free inside knowledge of discount tickets, new Australian plays, films and local and global industry news."

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