"How To Undergird Your Sales Letters And Ads With Irresistible 'Cause And Effect' Statements That Compel People To Buy"

Written by Mike Jezek

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you'll jump at buying this - I guarantee it!" Selling an info product: "As you read my letter, you're going to start itching to order this product because it's that valuable! Selling an info product: "Just reading this next testimonial will cause you to be 100% convinced you need this." Selling financial services: "As you look at this financial plan, you feel more and more excited about getting everything you want." As you can see, they're easy to create. And they give your copywriting more firepower. Key words in crafting these statements are: "make", "must", "have to", "cause", "force", "you're going to", "I know you'll" "you'll feel", "you'll..." etc. Here'srepparttar basic formula: Accepted truth + effecting word or phrase + action you want taken. Applying this technique you just read will make your copywriting more irresistible. And I know once you experiencerepparttar 127305 effectiveness of it, you'll want to always use "Cause and Effect" statements!

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"Triple The Response Of Your $ales Letters By Harnessing The Mysterious Power Of Mind-Reading"

Written by Mike Jezek

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How does this apply to you and your business? Do this... create a survey that asks what questions your prospect list will have. Find out exactly why your prospects do business with you. Ask why your prospects do business with you and not your competition. Ask what changes your prospects want from you. And find out what your prospects want you to emphasize in your products or services. You could go on and on for your particular situation. Once you have your survey created, contact your prospect list and give them an incentive for answering your survey. Something like a free ebook, a discount, a free report, or a free product. Use your imagination.

Keep in mind that as you create your survey you also want to discover what kind of lifestyle your prospects have. Such as what kind of books they read, what kind of car they drive, their philosophies on life, and so on. Now, don't make your survey intimidating. Make it a fast and enjoyable experience for greater results.

And once you do this... applyrepparttar information you've gathered and reformat your sales letters, andrepparttar 127304 appearance of your sales letters and websites, to mirrorrepparttar 127305 tastes of your prospects. Result? Your prospects will feel that you understand them. They'll feel much more inclined to trust you and believe what you tell them. And once you do that... you'll not only experience a windfall of money and profits, you'll also want to put your sales letter in a plaque and hang it up above your TV.

Bottom line: Build an almost intuitive link with your prospects by surveying them to discover what triggers them to buy from you. And discover what kind of people you're dealing with. Use that knowledge and infuse it into your sales letters. You'll make people feel like you know them, that you understand them. Now watch out! You'll be astonished atrepparttar 127306 tremendous results! Even if your competition has a fantastic copywriter, you're sales letter has more statistical probability of eating your competition alive.

Why? Because, everything else... is just guessing!

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