How To Uncover Profit-Pulling Keywords for Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

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Now obviously these keywords are low cost because there are not a lot of searches on them (say 50-100 searches per month). But if you bid on a LOT of these keywords (say 200-300) that adds up to a lot of CHEAP traffic over time:

100 searches x 300 keywords = 30,000 searches and possible hits a month.

How do you find these low-cost keywords?

Userepparttar keyword selection tool provided by most ppc engines to look up a main keyword. Then start fromrepparttar 105827 bottom up to pick out related, low volume (less than 1000 searches a month) keywords.

Also, don't forget to use misspellings. So many people don't bid on misspellings that you can usually top positions quite cheap.

#3) Use Your Keywords In Your Title or Your Description or Both

Using your keyword inrepparttar 105828 description can double your click throughs, which means more interested prospects visiting your website.

You wantrepparttar 105829 visitor to click on your link, only if they are really interested. Including your keyword inrepparttar 105830 title or description is a great way to weed outrepparttar 105831 tire-kickers fromrepparttar 105832 sincere customers.

It reinforcesrepparttar 105833 idea that YOUR website can give them what they are searching for - a sort of mirroring back what they typed, which breeds trust and likeability.

So those are several tips to helping you chooserepparttar 105834 right keywords for your pay per click campaign. Good luck and may your traffic (and sales) increase exponentially!

Kathryn O'Neill is chief editor for Pay Per Click Advertising

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Competing with the Big Names

Written by Derek Croote

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Frequently updated content will generate a large number of one-way links, if people know about it. For people to find your compelling content, you have to get your site name out there. If no one knows about your content, how will you get links? To get you name out there you have to: * Becomerepparttar leader in your industry * Write press releases, articles and free ebooks * Use paid advertising * Start a newsletter/e-zine and a blog. * Targetrepparttar 105826 right keywords

Beatingrepparttar 105827 leading names may be difficult, but it is achievable. Gaining links and getting your name out there will be key in competing with these powerful sites. You will get torepparttar 105828 top ofrepparttar 105829 rankings inrepparttar 105830 search engines with time and hard work.

Derek Croote is a SEO, web design and usability enthusiast. Derek is the webmaster of, a small homeowners association. You can reach him at

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