"How To Test Your Ads In Ezines Before You Spend A Dime..."

Written by Jason Mann

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You can changerepparttar word "ezine" to reflectrepparttar 100996 area in which you placedrepparttar 100997 ad.

Once you seerepparttar 100998 responses, you can tally them up and findrepparttar 100999 ones that producerepparttar 101000 best results. Many ofrepparttar 101001 free ad ezines also take paid ads.

Now, securerepparttar 101002 TOP sponsor ad inrepparttar 101003 ezines that produced and you know your ad will receive favorable responses.

It's an easy, affordable, and effective way to test your ads before you spend any money onrepparttar 101004 campaign.

Jason Mann is a profitability consultant who works with small and medium web business to increase their overall profit using easy to deploy, cost effective marketing strategies. Visit his web site at: http://www.innersanctumeletter.com for more helpful information about web marketing.

"Explode Your Sales With Banner Ads!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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1. Highly Targeted.

You must know who is in your market is in order to effectively target your ad campaigns.

Your banners should be placed on web sites that will have visitors similar and precisely to what your market needs.

2. Performance Based.

Internet advertising allows for interactivity. The consumer can take action, which is why banner ads that includerepparttar simple phrase, "Click Here" have a greater ratio of success.

Any banner ad that does NOT have a call or request to action will be a waste of good advertising space and money.

3. Branding.

The old banner ad model just called forrepparttar 100995 viewer to take action to click-thru to your web site.

Now you need to convey your product "Brand" so that viewers will remember it when they findrepparttar 100996 need to visit you inrepparttar 100997 future.

Web site domain names which convey this "Branding" can now be more effective than ever.

The 468 x 60 banner remains far and away repparttar 100998 most popular advertising form onrepparttar 100999 Internet. Current pricing ranges from $20 to $45 per thousand exposures.

Even better arerepparttar 101000 FREE Banner Ad Exchanges that are available.

Yes, believe it or not, there are still many FREE banner ad exchange programs that can bring you a steady flow of targeted traffic to your site.

And, do not worry if you do not have a banner ad to use for exchange because there are still many good FREE banner creation sites available online.

For a FREE list of "FREE Banner Ad Services!" via auto-responder, send a blank email message to: mailto:banners@emailexchange.org

Make sure to take advantage of these FREE banner resources so you can have your ads working for you in this still vital method of ad exposure online.

Userepparttar 101001 above "KEY" ideas for your banner ad campaign and you will explode your sales online.

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