How To Tap Into The Sales of Major Corporations by using their simple affiliate programs

Written by Keegan Michaels

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Start by creating your own web page. If you can, make your site at least three pages--an opening page with a few products, a page that tells about you, and a page with a few helpful tips. All these can help draw and interestrepparttar targeted group of people who will buy from your affiliate program.

This isn't hard to do, even if you are all thumbs with computers. Create your own free page in seconds at Type inrepparttar 102636 title of your page, provide a few links, and you're up and ready to go.

You can make a much more complete and attractive page with a free site at http:/ Get even more lavish withrepparttar 102637 easy to use page and logo creation system at It costs a low $8 per month.

The web addresses that free and low-cost hosts give you can be long and confusing. , ,and give you a free short address that forwards people to your longer free site address. Instead of you can use an easier address like

Use these same principles for ads you place andrepparttar 102638 signature file in your email messages (a 4 to 6 line ad that appears after your name.)

You can send people directly to a certain product page using a short address that "refers" torepparttar 102639 longer address.

Also look into affiliate networks that give you an easy way to link to your choice of hundreds of big programs. and feature a great many big corporate programs fromrepparttar 102640 likes of Dell Computer, Priceline, AT&T, and 1-800-Flowers.

The days of sitting onrepparttar 102641 sidelines while only rich investors profit from America's great corporations are over. By smartly using corporate affiliate programs, you can tap intorepparttar 102642 flow of cash. Pull in checks ranging from pocket change to thousands each month.

Keegan Michaels knows affiliate programs. He knows what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid. Let him show you the roadmap to affiliate profits. Contact him today at or 801-328-9006. Get his Extra Money Newsletter FREE at

Are You a High Traffic Site?

Written by David McKenzie

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This isrepparttar standard procedure forrepparttar 102635 average affiliate:

Stick a couple of banners on their site. Wait a few weeks. No sales come. Join another affiliate program. Stick these banners on their site. Wait a few more weeks. No sales! Then they sit back and think affiliate programs are a joke.

But it's notrepparttar 102636 affiliate program. It'srepparttar 102637 affiliate.

If you userepparttar 102638 right marketing methods that are working now, and spend many hours a week marketing your affiliate programs then you can be part ofrepparttar 102639 'statistics'.

But if you expect things to just magically happen with a couple of flashing banners on your site then you will be sorely disappointed.

Do not just assume these enticing statistics apply to all affiliates. Sadly, they do not. Affiliate programs are notrepparttar 102640 Holy Grail, but they are an excellent way to obtain a decent monthly check.

The most amazing statistic is that it is estimated that 90% of all affiliates earn little or no money at all from affiliate programs.

Now that's a statistic you do not want to be part of!!

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