How To Take The Pain Out Of Performance Reviews

Written by Lora J Adrianse

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Establish Shared Understandings Establishing shared understandings and agreements takesrepparttar guesswork and assumptions out ofrepparttar 119527 performance review process. Work with your team to create a list of performance management criteria that needs to be understood by all. Some examples: >Definitions of each performance competency >Definitions of rating scales or systems >Performance standards >Success indicators >What will be measured >How it will be tracked

Create Support Processes Creating support processes will become nucleus ofrepparttar 119528 partnership approach. In other words,repparttar 119529 support processes you create with your team become their critical opportunities to contribute torepparttar 119530 process. Again, work with your team to createrepparttar 119531 processes that will support your performance review process. Some examples: >Weekly or bi-weekly meetings to discuss progress, roadblocks, etc. >Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual reports to track accomplishments, progress, etc. >A proactive ongoing feedback process - both employees and managers actively seek feedback regularly (what's going well, what can go better, what needs to change) >A year-end process for compilingrepparttar 119532 information and planning forrepparttar 119533 annual strategy/review discussion >A self-review process for employees - managers can request that self-reviews are submitted beforerepparttar 119534 manager writesrepparttar 119535 review.

Integrate The System Now, put your process in action. Think of your "shared understandings" as your guide to performance standards and measurements. Your support processes arerepparttar 119536 tools you use to gather and compile performance data. Now, all you need to do is to integraterepparttar 119537 information into your performance management system and schedulerepparttar 119538 actual review meeting.

Reflect And Improve Atrepparttar 119539 end of each performance review cycle take time to get feedback from your team. It's as simple as scheduling a meeting or sending an email. It's a great time to review your shared understandings and support processes. Here are some questions to ask aboutrepparttar 119540 process: >What went well? >What could have gone better? >What needs to change?

In Summary When it's time forrepparttar 119541 annual performance review process both employees and managers have plenty of factual information, will already know how they're doing, and best of all, will have established relationships and rapport. The annual strategy/review discussion becomes a time forrepparttar 119542 manager and employee to come together to reflect onrepparttar 119543 past year, formally acknowledge accomplishments, strategize development opportunities and plan forrepparttar 119544 upcoming year. And best of all,repparttar 119545 painful surprises have been eliminated.

Lora J Adrianse is the owner of Essential Connections. She is a Coach, Consultant and Facilitator who specializes in the development managers and business owners. She recently left a long-term corporate career to focus on her passion for helping others bring out the best in themselves through the use of Emotional Intelligence. She can be reached through her website

Create a Positive, Upbeat, "Can-Do" Workforce and Dazzle the Customer with Your Caring!

Written by JoAnna Brandi

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5. Dumprepparttar drama. Melodrama. It sells tabloids, and gets people to watch "Hard Copy" on TV, but it's something you don't need in your company. It saps valuable creative energy. If you've been using "Crisis Management" as your modus operandi, get out ofrepparttar 119526 office, read a few good books, (like Steven Covey's), benchmark with "new thinkers", and learn a new style. Crisis management is passe, wasteful and destructive.

6. Learn, teach and reward "Time-out" stress management techniques. A recent poll says that 90% of all Americans live in a state of chronic stress. YIKES!!!! No wonder customers get treated so poorly. Make sure people understandrepparttar 119527 role they play in controlling their own stress. We don't have control over circumstances; we do have control of how we perceive them. Take a deep breath, count to ten, walk away (physically or mentally) when you have to and call a "Time-out." Short circuit stress onrepparttar 119528 way in. Learn good stress management skills and teach them. Reinforce them. "Bob, I noticed how well you reacted with that angry customer yesterday, I was glad to see you take a deep breath and not react defensively - good job - you saved a valuable customer, and your own health as well. I'm proud to have you onrepparttar 119529 team."

7. Encourage people to live inrepparttar 119530 "now." Dwell onrepparttar 119531 past only long enough to figure out what you want to learn from it, and then move on. Stop talking about "the good old days." What is important is what is going on right now. Give your fullest attention to exactly what you are doing now. Do it well, do it right and enjoy it. Customers can always tell if you are giving them your undivided attention, and they really appreciate it.

8. Start a list called "The 10 Best Things about Working Here." Let people add to it and watch it grow. It's fun, positive and a great way to focus people on what's right with your business. Afterrepparttar 119532 list is finished start one called "Ten More.." Remember you get more of what you focus on.

9. Get psyched! Recognize that almost 80% of whatrepparttar 119533 average person takes in is negative. You've got a job to do. Create a positive sanctuary in your workplace. Develop a corporate library that includes all kinds of motivational literature, audio and videotapes. Play audiotapes and videotapes in lunchrooms, keep inspirational books around, start discussion groups. Create positive energy, people inside and outsiderepparttar 119534 company will feel it and want to come back for more.

10. Don't worry, be happy. Playing upbeat music helps lift your spirits. Challengerepparttar 119535 staff to developrepparttar 119536 "Happiest" of happy music tapes, a collection of tunes that will keep people smiling and whistling while they work. (They make great coming to and going home from tapes too.)

11. Smile. When you activaterepparttar 119537 smiling muscles in your face, you activaterepparttar 119538 "happy" brain chemicals that help you feel good. You can't be depressed when you are smiling, and smiles are contagious. So, smile.

As a manager, it's your responsibility to help to create an experience for your customer that hasrepparttar 119539 word "value" all over it. Customers respond better to a company that provides them with a quality product at a fair price served up by positive, upbeat, can-do people. Aw come on, who wants to do business with a grump?

JoAnna Brandi is Publisher of JoAnna Brandi's Customer Care Coach TM a weekly training program designed to teach managers "The Art and Science of Exquisite Customer Care." You can sign up to get her latest tips and get your personalized weekly coaching program at You can reach via email:

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