How To Stop Your Dog From Barking – Training Your Dog To Keep Quiet

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Teaching your dog to bark on command: Then go away for a few minutes and come back. Ignore his barking and ignore everything else he does. Just stand there, doing nothing, not rewarding him at all, not even looking at him. It may take a long time, but eventually your dog will calm down, stop barking, and start doing his own thing. Once your dog calms down and stops barking, start working with him again. This time, only give him a treat when you say “Speak” and point at him, and then he barks. 1. Verbal command and point. 2. Bark. 3. Reward. Don’t give him a treat for just barking on his own. This part will take a while, but he will eventually understandrepparttar command. You’re rewarding him for behavior he already is predisposed to do, you’re just associating a command with it. Teaching your dog to be quiet: Go away for a few minutes, and then come back. He’ll probably be barking a lot when you come back, but again, stay totally still and don’t reward him at all (no praising, no eye contact, nothing). Once he stops barking, count to five slowly to yourself. You may have to wait a long time before he’ll stop barking enough so a full count of five, but it will happen eventually. Once you can count to five without any barking, then reward him with praise and a treat. Notice that at this point,repparttar 141874 behavior comes beforerepparttar 141875 cue. Shaperepparttar 141876 behavior first, and then add your cue.

Teaching your dog to be quiet on demand: Keep that up for a while untilrepparttar 141877 behavior sinks in, and then addrepparttar 141878 command. When he’s not barking, hold up your hand as if you’re signaling someone to stop, and sayrepparttar 141879 command “Quiet”. If he’s quiet, then give him a treat and praise. Sorepparttar 141880 order is 1. Verbal command and hand signal. 2. Dog is quiet. 3. Reward. Soon your dog will know how to be quiet on demand.

After a while,repparttar 141881 treats won’t be necessary, and even verbal praise won’t be necessary every time. The praise at irregular intervals isrepparttar 141882 intermittent reinforcement part ofrepparttar 141883 picture, and is very powerful. Intermittent reinforcement works better than if you reward behavior every single time.

Soon you’ll have a dog that will go totally quiet when you tell him to!

Any or all of this article may be copied or used for any reason, but there must be a link to my site "What Type of Little Dog Should I Get" - - HTML is What Type of Little Dog Should I Get

Any or all of this article may be copied or used for any reason, but there must be a link to my site "What Type of Little Dog Should I Get" - - HTML is What Type of Little Dog Should I Get

Reminiscing About Your Past Can Stimulate Your Future

Written by Sonny Julius

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