How To Stop Your Cat Spraying

Written by Marc de Jong

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For peoplerepparttar scent is far from pleasant. Thankfully most cats spray outside. But what if you have a cat spraying inside? Do something about it! And yes, that is possible.

The most radical and effective thing you can do is neutering or spaying your cat. Most castrated toms stopped spraying fromrepparttar 125809 day they were operated.

But maybe you have a reason not to neuter your cat. In that case try to find out why your cat sprays.

Maybe it sprays only when it sees another cat. Solution: blockrepparttar 125810 view. Or it sprays because of a conflict with another pet. Keep them separated and problems might be over.

If you don’t know why your cat sprays, discuss it with your veterinarian. Chances are he will advice you to spay or neuter. But your vet can also check if there is a medical problem.

Anyway, do not leave this problem unsolved. Cat urine odor and stains can make your home a very uncomfortable place, and your cat will still remain a cat even when it doesn’t spray anymore.

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How To Discipline Your Boxer Dog

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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However, it suffice to teach your Boxer to obey simple commands of raising a paw in a handshake, giving a hand lick for a kiss or doing a roll over to show his submission to you. Most Boxers love performing these simple tricks (obedience commands) for you.

There is no need for extreme measures to prove you arerepparttar boss. Obedience training should be fun and rewarding for you and your Boxer.

* Once it is established you arerepparttar 125808 boss, one owner declared: "Life with your Boxer will be just kidney bean dancinÆ allrepparttar 125809 way!" Another reported: "My Boxer wanted to be class clown at obedience class until I got serious and showed him I wasrepparttar 125810 boss."

* The Boxer must always eat after you do.

This isrepparttar 125811 easiest way to show to your Boxer who isrepparttar 125812 boss. But this is easier said than done when there are many people inrepparttar 125813 family and not all would respectrepparttar 125814 rule.

* Very active young Boxers have short attention span.

It is best to have many short 5 to 10-minute lessons than a single, long 30-minute lesson. Keeprepparttar 125815 training session short and sweet. Lengthy session easily becomes dull, boring and tedious for both you andrepparttar 125816 Boxer. * Startrepparttar 125817 training at quiet places familiar to your Boxer with very few things and people around to distract him.

Gradually moverepparttar 125818 training to places with more and more distractions so he will learn to obey your commands despiterepparttar 125819 distractions.

* Speak to your Boxer strongly but not in an angry voice.

Be kind but be firm while training and never give in to what they want. It seems cruel but inrepparttar 125820 long run you will have a much better relationship with you boxer.

* Celebrate after every training session for a good job done.

Have a big play by running and throwing his favorite toys. If you give them a lot of playtime with yourself theyÆd listen to you more.

* Use only one word like "sit," "down," "drop" and "stay" when teaching Boxers commands. For example, when your Boxer gets onrepparttar 125821 lounge with you, say "sit - down" and he should sit then lay down on your lap. * To keep a Boxer from chargingrepparttar 125822 front door, put up a door/gate that he canÆt see through or hop over.

Have him wait till people enter and come uprepparttar 125823 stairs then he gets a treat. This particular owner noticed that even whenrepparttar 125824 gate is left openrepparttar 125825 Boxers don't usually go by unless they see a squirrel or cat!

* Finally, no matter how well trained you think your Boxer is, he has an attention span of seconds!

DonÆt let him run away because heÆll just keep going and going. Always keep him leashed outdoors if not in a fenced area. He can run faster than you and you will not catch him if he runs forrepparttar 125826 road!

Boxers and Obedience Class

Discipline is one ofrepparttar 125827 most important aspects of owning a Boxer.

Puppy school is not an option, it is a necessity to train owners, including children inrepparttar 125828 family, how to managerepparttar 125829 Boxer and nurture it into becoming a well-adjusted member ofrepparttar 125830 family.

Puppy school is forrepparttar 125831 Boxers to help develop good habits right fromrepparttar 125832 start. Wait until your Boxer is at least 6 months old before putting him through any serious work.

Trainers with extensive experience and knowledge can deal with just about any behavior problems your pup might come up with.

Choose a trainer who is purposeful and patient. The well-trained Boxer is a sight to behold going through his paces inrepparttar 125833 class. Their innate intelligence makes many Boxers great successes inrepparttar 125834 obedience ring. Of more importance is for you as owner to continue to practicerepparttar 125835 obedience lessons with your Boxers.

They will best rememberrepparttar 125836 lessons when you incorporate them into your everyday routines with your dog.

For example you can tell your pup to "heel" while he follows you aroundrepparttar 125837 house, and to "sit" and "stay" while you prepare his dinner. As your wake up greeting inrepparttar 125838 morning he can do a "roll over". Tell him to "go findrepparttar 125839 ball" while you get dressed and "go getrepparttar 125840 leash" before you go for walks together.

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This article is provided courtesy of - - a large site devoted to helping you find all the pet and animal products you need! This article may be distributed and published on any website, as long as this statement and URL remain intact, and the website address is linked properly.

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