How To Stop Unwanted Emails!

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Yet, I soon noticed that there was an added benefit ! I was able to eliminaterepparttar majority of spam emails that was in my inbox. I just clicked blacklisting most ofrepparttar 109548 offending emails without downloadingrepparttar 109549 email. This has been quite a time saver!

You should update your anti virus protection weekly and check you email before you download it to your computer. You must make it your responsibility to protect your own computer, data, and personal information against loss, by backing up your files.

MailWasher Pro analyses each email as it arrives and warns you if it is suspected junk mail or a virus, at which point you can choose to blacklist it, that it will get bounced back torepparttar 109550 sender, so they will delete it from their mailing list as a inactive email address.

You can userepparttar 109551 Free MailWasher Pro download this is a 30 day trail version you will needrepparttar 109552 pro version if you have multiple email accounts, however you can use MailWasher Free here which is good for one email account.

*********************************************************************** In Closing you will need to have all this information to run your own legitimate home based small business. I recommend you do your research well, as you don't want to find yourself withrepparttar 109553 wrong email program.

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8 reasons why HTML emails will hurt your marketing efforts

Written by Valerie Tay

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4.HTML emails load slower

Internet users are an impatient bunch. Atrepparttar very least, HTML email is twicerepparttar 109547 size of its text-based equivalent. This means if you send your ezine in HTML, you tie up more of your readers’ bandwidth during delivery and receiving. Some of your ezine’s readers use dial-up. This delay is much more noticeable to them than to your broadband-user readers.

5.Security problems with HTML emails

You want to send your recipients your marketing message, not a virus. The unfortunate reality is that HTML emails transmit viruses easier than text-based emails. This is because it is possible for attachments to automatically execute code withoutrepparttar 109548 user openingrepparttar 109549 attachment.

6.HTML emails are harder to forward

Almost every marketer hopes for her campaign to be “viral” (that is, your marketing message being passed on from one recipient to another and another). It’s straightforward to forward a text-based email from one recipient to her friends and family. But when one tries to forward a HTML email to another, incompatibility problems arise. The forwarded email may not be received by its recipients lookingrepparttar 109550 same way as it looked when it was first received byrepparttar 109551 original recipient.

7.More variables to measure makes it more difficult to gauge your success

The success of a text-based email marketing message is easier to measure than a HTML one simply because there are more variables involved inrepparttar 109552 success ofrepparttar 109553 latter. For example, your email may have a poor response not becauserepparttar 109554 message was badly worded, but becauserepparttar 109555 font you had chosen is tiring forrepparttar 109556 eyes. Is your font even readable by every computer? What aboutrepparttar 109557 visibility of your typeface againstrepparttar 109558 coloured background you have chosen? The point is: there are so many variables in a HTML email marketing campaign that it’s difficult for you to measure what went right or what went wrong in a particular campaign.

8.Do you want to maintain three lists?

Due torepparttar 109559 uncertainty of how your HTML email will look at each recipient’s computer, businesses that choose to go HTML also have to maintain a text and an AOL version of their ezines. This means, you have to maintain three lists, rather than one. If you are a large corporation with a database-driven mailer that have a “sniffer”, you can rely on your “sniffer” to tell which recipient is able to receive which type of email and then send only that version. But if you don’t have that capability, maintaining three lists can be too challenging for your home-based business.

In conclusion, if you don’t know for sure whetherrepparttar 109560 majority of your readers will be able to receive HTML emails, send them text messages. If you really loverepparttar 109561 idea of having a HTML newsletter, there’s alwaysrepparttar 109562 alternative of putting your newsletter up on your website and providing a link atrepparttar 109563 beginning of your text-based email which says, “Click here if you wish to view this message in HTML”.

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