How To Stop Forelosure

Written by Dean Lusk

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Solutions for Longer-Term Problems

1.Mortgage Modification If you can make your regular payment now, but cannot catch-uprepparttar past due amount,repparttar 109366 lender may agree to modify your mortgage. One solution is to addrepparttar 109367 past due amount into your existing loan, financing it over a long term. Modification might also be possible if you no longer haverepparttar 109368 ability to make payments atrepparttar 109369 former level. The lender might modify your mortgage to extendrepparttar 109370 length of your loan, or take other steps to reduce your payments.

2.Selling Your Home If catching up is not a possibility,repparttar 109371 lender may agree to put foreclosure on hold, giving you some extra time to attempt to sell your home. can help by purchasing your home.

3.Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure The lender may allow you to give-back your property, in turn forgivingrepparttar 109372 debt. This does negatively affect your credit record, but not as much as a foreclosure. The lender may require that you attempt to sellrepparttar 109373 house for a specific time period before allowing this option;repparttar 109374 option may not be possible if there are other liens againstrepparttar 109375 home.


Work attitude ethics for progress

Written by Pierre de Bruin du Plessis

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Be open-minded and ready for organisational changes.

Whenever changes are announced, be positive and display a leadership role in executingrepparttar new policies and strategies. If you participated inrepparttar 109365 planning ofrepparttar 109366 changes, then you were forewarned. But even if you experience unexpected changes, be first to look out for positive reasons for such changes and to influence others around you to accept it with positive attitudes. Defending superiors and higher management will increase your leadership status and trustworthiness. In a political sense it will display your role as siding with management againstrepparttar 109367 disgruntled crowd.

Arrange and organise your paperwork.

A good filing system allows you to retrieve required documents and information fast for own use or for use by other parties. It is a reflection of your efficiency and your ability for sound logic thinking. If you surround yourself with paperwork to impress on others how busy you are, you are makingrepparttar 109368 mistake of your life. It can be interpreted in many different ways, like you cannot cope withrepparttar 109369 workload, you cannot delegate, you spend too much on time wasters, you are too slow and worst of all you cannot manage yourself or others. If you cannot get rid of papers, you will not findrepparttar 109370 time to attend torepparttar 109371 needs and development of your subordinates. You will also not findrepparttar 109372 time to liase with colleagues or to discipline your section or department. You will be a walk over and ripe for being misused by subordinates not respecting you. Rather be a reliable source of information withrepparttar 109373 time for training your subordinates and others. Clean up your desk to make time for others.

Read up onrepparttar 109374 principles of supervision and management.

Familiarise yourself withrepparttar 109375 knowledge on how to be a good supervisor or manager. If you can display management capabilities, you will sooner be identified for promotion. It is better to be promoted for your managerial capabilities than for your technical proficiency. It will allow you to perform your managerial duties better. Apart from being technically proficient, prepare yourself in advance for possible promotion. Make yourself ready and available for your employer andrepparttar 109376 future needs of your organisation.

Confidential information.

Your treatment of confidential information is going to be a good gauge of your character. You only have to make one mistake in this area, not to be trusted ever again. If you have a problem in this area, rectify it quickly. Your superiors and employer have to trust and rely on your discretion with confidential information. Some information must be kept confidential or secret until it is time for disclosure.

You must proof your ability for discretion with this type of information, so that they know they can trust and rely on you. Let them know and understand that you are part and parcel of management.

Show initiative.

Make suggestions to improve methods of work and systems. See problems as opportunities for improvement. Do not just report problems, but analyse it wisely and make recommendations for improvement. Recognise opportunities for improvement and development and utilise it.

Be honest, open and direct.

Harboring a secretive attitude of slyness with hidden agenda’s, will not remain a secret for long. Other persons will eventually detect it and despise you for it. You can just as well fire yourself, because that is where you will end up. Nobody will trust you after you have been exposed. Be open and direct in your communications and handling of conflict situations. Do not be afraid to air your opinions, as long as it is genuine and true. Truthful mistakes can always be remedied later on.


Life is ever so short that nobody can really afford to remain average inrepparttar 109377 obscured crowd of nobodies. Make yourself stand out as someone with strong principles and work ethics, so that others can rely on your strengths. Qualifications alone, without work ethics, are totally worthless. Makerepparttar 109378 following words part of your life and your philosophy on your outlook of work:

Tenacity – keep on trying Conscientious – keep on thinking about ways to finalise and improve your work Humorous – make life bearable and enjoyable Urgency – you must finalise your work with speed and accuracy Trustworthiness – proof yourself to be a reliable and dependable person Openness and honesty – be a person of honour and proud of yourself

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