How To Start a Business Selling on eBay

Written by Jose Valdez

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Choosing Categories to list your Products in Browserepparttar eBay categories that are most relevant torepparttar 147504 product(s) that you are selling and list them inrepparttar 147505 categories that haverepparttar 147506 most visitors and buyers alsorepparttar 147507 onesrepparttar 147508 ones that arerepparttar 147509 most specific to what you are selling. In most cases, you should list your items in no less than 5 categories.

Keeping Track of you Auctions You will need to be able track an auction from beginning to end. When you begin to have a large number of products listed for sell, you will need to develop a system to keep track of all of them. If you list only a few items at a time, you may be able to keep track of them with a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper. If you will be listing numerous items at once, you want to use software.

If you will not be using software to keep track ofrepparttar 147510 listings, be sure write downrepparttar 147511 item number, URL, listing price, listing date and time, andrepparttar 147512 category(s).

When an auction ends, write downrepparttar 147513 time it ended,repparttar 147514 selling price if any, andrepparttar 147515 buyer's contact information. Indexrepparttar 147516 auctions by auction number for future reference. This system works if you have only a few items listed at a time. It is very important to keep track of all of your auctions, especially for tax purposes.

Posting Pictures One aspect you will want to become very familiar with will be posting quality pictures. If you will be selling any physical product, this is essential. All that you need to post a picture is a digital camera and a way to uploadrepparttar 147517 image(s) to your computer.

Develop a Strategy for Selling on eBay Again, I have to stress that when starting an eBay business, treat it like a business if you are serious about making real money selling on eBay. Develop a strategy before you begin to invest any significant amount of time, energy and money into your eBay business. Ask yourself questions such as: What will I be selling? Who will I be selling to? Where will I getrepparttar 147518 products? Will I be selling a high volume of products at a low profit margin or a low number of items for a higher profit per sale?

Many people have already started and are operating a successful home based business selling on eBay. If owning and operating a home based business is what you want, selling on eBay is one more idea and opportunity to do so.

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Start a Home Cleaning Service for less than $10!

Written by Randy Wilson

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Target market:
Anybody who spends more than 40 hours away from home would not haverepparttar time on his hands to maintainrepparttar 147394 home likerepparttar 147395 way he wanted to. With women also working away from home beingrepparttar 147396 norm, home cleaning services are more in demand than ever before. Single parents, working couples, professionals and elderly who are not up to doingrepparttar 147397 cleaning themselves are prime prospects.

Success tips:
Confidence, have a general aptitute and attitude towards cleaning, and a sincere desire to be sensitive to people.

Training, skills or experience:
You can start this business as a supplement to your existing job or profession. No experience required, just an aptitude to make it big and help people maintain their homes clean and chic.

Books or Trade publications:

These are very thorough books on starting a home cleaning business and running it effectively.

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