How To Start Your Internet Business

Written by Michael Tee

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Web Site

This is where your sales letter is displayed. A good sales letter is usually made of a few main parts:repparttar headline, testimonial, aboutrepparttar 141744 product, benefits, guarantee andrepparttar 141745 payment section. The headline isrepparttar 141746 first thing people will see when they visit your website, so choose your words carefully. A good sales letter should provide reasons whyrepparttar 141747 potential customer should buy from you, payrepparttar 141748 price you want and why should they buyrepparttar 141749 product from you now. You can create value and build trust with your prospect by displaying testimonials because it will assure your visitors that your product works. Last but not least, you should provide a money back guarantee to put your potential customers’ mind at ease, not only you would completely eliminate all risks, you will also build credibility and their confidence in you and your product.

A Good Web Host

Choosing a good web host could be a daunting task. There are countless web host providers out there that you can find onrepparttar 141750 internet. Here are a few aspects to look out for when looking for a good web host.

1. Server Space

2. Technical Support

3. Up-Time Guarantee

4. Email Accounts

Write down what you need, and then chooserepparttar 141751 best deal out there. Do rememberrepparttar 141752 principle “what you pay for is what you get”. If you get it too cheaply, chances are they are cutting cost else where or they are charging for additional services.

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Sole-Proprietors, Prevent Identity Theft by Getting an EIN

Written by Ellen Zucker

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Sole-proprietors are not required to have an EIN. But if you are a sole-proprietor, I strongly recommend getting one.

The reason? If you are a sole-proprietor, clients who pay you $600 or more inrepparttar course of a year must file a 1099 on your behalf. And they need your social security number or employer identification number to do that.

And you, in turn, are required to dorepparttar 141699 same for your own sole-proprietor subcontractors who receive $600 or more in payments from you.

The Employer's ID number fulfills IRS's requirements when filing your 1099s, so you just substituterepparttar 141700 EIN forrepparttar 141701 social security number.

The process is easy and straightforward.

You can apply for your EIN number online atrepparttar 141702 IRS website ( or askrepparttar 141703 IRS to haverepparttar 141704 forms sent to you.

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