How To Start Investing For Financial Independence, Part 2

Written by Chris Anderson, PhD

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3) Have VERY good reasons why you don’t think you will lose money…… You may not make as much as expected but you would rather not lose money at this stage -- They have done their due diligence and feel strongly aboutrepparttar investment. 4) Be patient. This single result should not either make or break you but it is crucial to a longer term plan-- they are not swinging forrepparttar 147922 fences but rather patiently usingrepparttar 147923 previous market's money to increase their investment. Well, likerepparttar 147924 other investment, suppose this one works out in their favor. In their two year holding period,repparttar 147925 lots experienced a 35% increase in price. Not bad. They were hoping for more since they knew some places had that kind of increase in a few months but they are not complaining. After closing costs,repparttar 147926 investor had about $55,000 invested and netted a total of $162,000 after expenses. Of course their silent partner, Uncle Sam, wanted their cut so now they are left with a $137,700 in profits and $192,700 in working capital. Not too bad after only 4 years. Now let's askrepparttar 147927 question are they financially free? We'll, I doubt it. The investor could probably now survive for 2-3 years onrepparttar 147928 nest egg but only if they did not reinvest it. However, ifrepparttar 147929 family and friends find out about this gain, then they will thinkrepparttar 147930 investor is now "rich" and living likerepparttar 147931 Vanderbilts...... For anybody that has made it to Step 2, you know they are far from rich because now they want to invest to go to Step 3 and this will likely consume most of their money. Frequently you will find people inrepparttar 147932 $0.5 -$2Million dollar net worth in this category where they are doing great on paper but they don't have any more "extra" money to spend than they did a few years ago. After Step 3-4 however, this can change dramatically. Before we conclude this week's article, let's talk about a very common, and deadly mistake. Inrepparttar 147933 language of Texas Hold'em poker, it isrepparttar 147934 All In mentality. Frequently, after a first success, people now feel bulletproof and decide they want this process to go faster. They leverage everythingrepparttar 147935 have and take on as much risk asrepparttar 147936 banks will allow them. If things work out for them, they will explode their wealth with that step. However, if something slips up, they are in trouble. Most people believe nothing like that can happen to them they are too smart. I mean everybody knows that real estate does not go down, Right? I know a gentlemen who is extremely smart, extremely business savvy, and grew his net worth to well over a BILLION dollars. Within a few years of that mark, he net worth was NEGATIVE and had to declare bankruptcy because of real estate. The process of building wealth in a controlled fashion over 6-10 years is so straightforward that I cannot see taking those kind of risks to make it happen in a much shorter time frame.

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Euro Tax Haven Threat

Written by Roger Munns

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Property Price Uncertainty

Both Monaco and Andorra’s property prices have seen a levelling off this year, according to Tribune Properties, but say this can be explained by factors other thanrepparttar new EU directive. Tribune say that in Monacorepparttar 147823 passing of Prince Rainier earlier this year cast a shadow overrepparttar 147824 Principality, while in Andorrarepparttar 147825 local market has slowed as Andorrans struggle to keep up withrepparttar 147826 price of property, fuelled by buyers from aroundrepparttar 147827 world seeking residency.

Two other factors have contributed torepparttar 147828 slow down inrepparttar 147829 first half ofrepparttar 147830 year which could be reversed inrepparttar 147831 second half –repparttar 147832 absence of UK buyers awaitingrepparttar 147833 outcome of their election in May which sawrepparttar 147834 Labour Government returned for a historic third term with Tony Blair as Prime Minister and possible tax rises inrepparttar 147835 pipeline, and buyers holding US dollars who were hit byrepparttar 147836 rise in value ofrepparttar 147837 Euro – which has now peaked followingrepparttar 147838 EU Constitution ‘No’ votes in France and The Netherlands in June.

Both Andorra and Monaco require new residents to live there for six months a year to maintain their residency (but Andorra doesn’t police this once residency is granted). Andorra property prices start from just over 200,000 Euros for a one bedroom apartment, while Monaco is more expensive with one bedroom apartments from around 600,000 Euros.

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