How To Start An Internet Business – Meta Tags and Keyword Density

Written by Halstatt Pires

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Much likerepparttar meaning of life,repparttar 144039 best keyword density percentage is a hotly debated topic. Theories and opinions ranged from 1.5 to as high as 20 percent. We recently ran a test with a page that only had a keyword phrase on it, thus representing a 100% keyword density. The only search engine that reacted was Yahoo, which listed it at number 1 for 25 days before dropping it. Notwithstanding this test,repparttar 144040 simple fact is that nobody really knowsrepparttar 144041 optimal density, except for programmers atrepparttar 144042 search engines. Rumor has it thatrepparttar 144043 programmers are permanently hidden in secret labs inrepparttar 144044 Himalayas, so there isn’t much hope of getting any information from them.

Our experience is keyword density really doesn’t matter if you have flowing text onrepparttar 144045 page. The point of your site is to sell, so write copy that accomplishes that goal. Once you have completedrepparttar 144046 copy, modify it to make surerepparttar 144047 important keywords appear at least once inrepparttar 144048 first paragraph. Do not forcerepparttar 144049 keywords into sentences; just make sure they appear at least once. We have clients with number 1 rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN that have keyword densities ranging from .5 to 18.5 percent. Yes, these rankings are on keywords with lots of competition and traffic.

In Closing

In my opinion, meta tags and keyword density are mystified far too much. They are important factors, butrepparttar 144050 content on your pages is far more so. Be judicious with your content, pursue a targeted linking campaign andrepparttar 144051 rankings will follow.

Halstatt Pires is with Marketing Titan- an Internet marketing and advertising company comprised of a search engine optimization specialist providing meta tag optimization services and Internet marketing consultant providing internet marketing solutions through integrated design and programming services.

Selling on eBay - Have you found the magic formula yet?

Written by Mark Kenny

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Details can be found at:

eBay themselves have a smaller less powerful version that listsrepparttar top 10 keywords in each category. With just 10 words you are less likely to find words relevant to your item. It's still worth a look though - You can find eBay pulse at:

However a word of warning about your title. NEVER KEYWORD SPAM - This is listing irrelevant keywords inrepparttar 143955 hope of your item being found. It's used most often with vehicles, if you've used eBay to search for vehicles before surely you must have saw an item titled such asrepparttar 143956 following


See in this example howrepparttar 143957 seller would be using popular keywords to draw visitors to their auction. It's a clever tactic but if someone reports you to eBay your auction will be removed and you may be issued with a warning, or even have your account closed.

Finally, if 70% of buyers userepparttar 143958 search function, what aboutrepparttar 143959 remaining 30%. We can assume thatrepparttar 143960 majority of them browse thoughrepparttar 143961 categories on eBay. Did you know for a small fee of £9.95 ( you can feature your item so it's atrepparttar 143962 top ofrepparttar 143963 section. If your items of high value, them featuring it is strongly recommended. This way you should gain high coverage however your bidders search.

Mark Kenny is an eBay seller & online entrepreneur who highly recommends the Keyword-Pro. Full details are at:

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