How To Start A Million-Dollar Empire On A Shoe String Budget

Written by John Nemes

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Withrepparttar huge corporate website, their funds are quickly depleted due to massive overhead expenses and lack of money coming it. It can take a big company 3-5 years before they ever see a profit.. whilst a home-based entrepreneur can make a return on his/her investment in their first month.

That's what makesrepparttar 117985 Internet such an attractive business model. A smart entrepreneur could earn $10,000 or more per week in PERSONAL income. Compare this to $400 p/w working for a corporation... paying travelling expenses, having to dress smartly for work, following specific jobs, etc. It makes much more sense to "go it alone" online.

The 3 Key Ingredients To Personal Online Success Are:

1) A solid plan andrepparttar 117986 skills to be able to achieve that plan. A good businessman is a good decision maker, and you need to makerepparttar 117987 right decisions regarding your Internet presence development to ensure your success.

2) MOTIVATION... 100% dedication at all times. It's never a smooth ride embarking on a new career path or business venture, so keep your chin up, your head high, and approach all of your work withrepparttar 117988 burning desire for 100% SUCCESS.

3) The right skills... learn as much about Internet development as possible. Learn how to make your website automated and interactive. Get your computer to do as much work as possible, giving you more time to concentrate onrepparttar 117989 fun aspects such as marketing and promotion.

All too often I see people put up a basic website with no obvious sales strategy, yet they hope to achieverepparttar 117990 same success of a full functional automated site with a definite marketing strategy. Wake up and realize!

The smart entrepreneurs don't just join affiliate programs and hope to become rich. They have their own products and services, and include other affiliated products as apart of their sales strategy. It makes sense to play it smart.

Remember, you needn't spend thousands of dollars in development costs to produce a website that sells. Withrepparttar 117991 right basic skills and a little effort, you can produce an income that rivals that of a top corporate boss with only a 1/10th ofrepparttar 117992 working pressure required.

Play it smart and prosper

John Nemes realizes that finance is an important part of ANY Internet venture. Play it smart and get the right finance you need. For full info,

What are the steps to becoming Gainfully Unemployed?

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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You need to start talking with potential clients and get your name out there. You also need to begin work right away inrepparttar direction you want to go by working at night and weekends to make it happen. This step will test your abilities at handling your new venture before you leave your full-time job. If you can't make it happen on a part-time basis, then stop here and keep your day job.

* Prepare Your Business The type of business entity and direction you select is important for professional presentation and for tax purposes. It is important to research your direction and match it against a business entity that will best meet your needs.

* Market Your Product or Service Selecting your market is very important for success. You want to make sure thatrepparttar 117984 market you select suits your product or service (i.e., telecommuting freelance work, etc.) You don't want to have to wrestle with potential clients to make a sale---you want your product or service to be accepted. You can stormrepparttar 117985 walls later, just make it happen for now.

* Pack Awayrepparttar 117986 Money While you are working full-time, make sure to pack away that extra money for when you make your leap. There are various ways to determine when you are financially ready forrepparttar 117987 leap and ways to make sure you don't go broke inrepparttar 117988 process.

* Easy Does It Make sure that everyone in your family is prepared forrepparttar 117989 change. Also, make sure that you have established yourself so that you can walk into your new endeavor with confidence. This is just as important as finances! Your new work environment and lifestyle will affect everyone differently.

* Quit Your Job We reach that glorious day when you quit your full-time job. Do it with dignity and style. You never know, your former employer could be your first client and your best reference for other clients.

Edward B. Toupin is a freelance consultant, writer, and published author living in Las Vegas with his singer/actress wife. He currently handles technical writing tasks for various companies in New York, Chicago, and Denver as well as imagineers and markets feature-length screenplays.

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