How To Start A Mail Order Business

Written by Richard Glanville

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But, let's get back torepparttar beginning and help you to learn what it takes to succeed in mail order. Don't believe those ads that tell you it doesn't take any money. First off, you are going to need envelopes: #10 mailing envelopes with your name and return address imprinted inrepparttar 108220 upper left corner. You'll also need a return reply envelope with your name and return address onrepparttar 108221 face ofrepparttar 108222 envelope with each #10 envelope you send out. These can be either #6 or #9 return envelopes. Ask your printer or office supply store to let you inspect samples.

To realize profits of any consequence, you'll need to send out at least a thousand, preferably five thousand letters per mailing. And to back this up, you'll need a supply of envelopes for your acknowledgment and follow-up offers. You can purchase imprinted mailing and return reply envelopes from your local quick print shop; but for better prices, and withrepparttar 108223 thought in mind of keeping your costs in line, it's best to shop around forrepparttar 108224 best prices. Generally speaking, you'll findrepparttar 108225 lowest prices offered by those printers who do business by mail. Look for "printing by mail" advertisements in allrepparttar 108226 mail order publications you come across. Write to them for a price list and a sampling of their work.

In order to be properly equipped to run your mail order business properly you are going to need a good supply of envelopes (both normal size and large), shipping labels and letterhead paper.

You will also need access to reliable business partners for circular printing, typesetting, graphic layout and design, copywriting assistance, booklet printing, hardback book printing, business cards and poster printing.

As you can see,repparttar 108227 mail order business is very closely tied in withrepparttar 108228 printing business. Unless you have your own printing plant, always shop around forrepparttar 108229 best prices and keep your production costs in line.

Once you've gotten your envelopes ready, and your circulars made up, you'll need a potential customer list. Again, don't believerepparttar 108230 advertisements and free advice which states that all you have to do is send your materials out to a fresh opportunity seekers list. I have found thatrepparttar 108231 best prospects are those people who have purchased similar or related items.

Here again, Premier Publishers can help out. They generally receive 2,000 new names each month. These names come from Premier's national advertising...people who are interested in new ways of making money...easier ways of building a mail order business.

Certainly Premier responds to all these inquiries, but they do not offerrepparttar 108232 same itemsrepparttar 108233 various dealers and distributors are offering. Premier offers their mailing lists for rental. Write for current description of names which are available.

When selecting a supplier to work with inrepparttar 108234 mail order business, always be sure they are quick to fill your orders. Customer complaints arerepparttar 108235 last thing you want, and poor service leads to dissatisfied and lost customers. Always be sure your supplier protects your customer list, and always make sure he goes that extra mile to work with you, and not just for his own profits. This isrepparttar 108236 kind of service you want from your supplier.

Finally, you'll need to consider advertisingrepparttar 108237 different offerings you have for sale. We suggest that you start small with a few experimental ads in your local paper or shopping news. Then you can move on torepparttar 108238 bigger publications.

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How to write direct mail that really, really works

Written by Julia Hyde

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A good rule to follow is: Keep selling until you run out of selling points. Byrepparttar end of your letter your prospect should have more than enough information to make a decision.

Write a friendly greeting

When possible address your prospect by his name, as this will increase your response rate. If you don’t have an individual name, you’ll have to use a title such as Dear Business Manager, or Dear Creative Director. Don’t address a householder as, “Dear Householder,” Instead use, “Dear Animal Lover,” or “Dear Mercedes Owner.

Use an attention-grabbing headline

Make sure your headline is atrepparttar 108219 top ofrepparttar 108220 letter. Use it to highlightrepparttar 108221 main benefit. Make sure it’s easy to understand and tells your reader why he should read your letter. Avoid headlines that try to be clever, or funny. They rarely work.

Ask for what you want

Don’t be slow in asking forrepparttar 108222 sale. If you wantrepparttar 108223 reader to buy your garden gnomes, tell him so, nearrepparttar 108224 beginning. If you let him get half way downrepparttar 108225 page before telling him what you want, your letter will end up inrepparttar 108226 trash.

Write from me to you

Make your letter personal. Have one customer in mind while your writing it and address him as if he were sitting right beside you. Userepparttar 108227 word “you” frequently. Instead of saying, Our lingerie is sexy” say, “You’ll look sexy in our lingerie.” Change, “Our blankets are warm and comfortable,” to: “You’ll be warm and comfortable in one of our blankets.”

Get your reader to act NOW

Byrepparttar 108228 end of your letter,repparttar 108229 reader should have allrepparttar 108230 benefits of your product or service, and have become more and more interested. Now you need to get him to act. Tell him clearly and simply what you want him to do: telephone, fill inrepparttar 108231 reply card, send money, visit your web site or get a representative to call.

Finish with a PS

Make sure your PS sounds like something you “just remembered to say. By, try not to start your PS withrepparttar 108232 word “Remember” as it shows what you’re about to say contains nothing new. Instead, userepparttar 108233 PS to highlight a benefit not already included in your letter.

Julia is an independent copywriter specializing in advertising, search engine marketing and direct mail. For more information on how Julia can increase your company's sales visit her website at or email

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