How To Start A Linking Campaign

Written by Torgeir Sunnarvik

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HELP FINDING WEB DIRECTORIES TO GET LISTED IN This site shows major directories, targeted directories, and directories from all overrepparttar world. The site is updated every week with new directory listings. This site features an alphabetical list of free directories. It also showsrepparttar 105968 page rank for each directory they list.

WHERE TO SEND YOUR ARTICLES A very high traffic site with high page rank. This site offers a paid distribution service for your articles. It's worth every penny. Your article and link is spread all over repparttar 105969 Internet with each article that you distribute through their service.


There are many other linking strategies that you can use to get targeted traffic to your site. One ofrepparttar 105970 ebooks that I recommend about linking, is "Power Linking 2: Evolution."

I learned almost everything I know about linking from this ebook. It is worth every penny I spent to purchase it as well.

Torgeir Sunnarvik, Norway

Torgeir Sunnarvik is the owner and webmaster of His site offer free ebooks, ebooks with reprint rights and marketing articles.

Not yet save your dollars - Savings tips for every online entrepreneur should know when seeking products or service.

Written by By Abraham Hanson

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Check your business opportunity magazines It is often perceived that people reading business opportunity magazines are more likely to buy and promote products. You often find that prices offered in these magazines are much lower than what is offered online. The prices on online are inflated to ward off curious people looking for freebies and be able to receive good leads from interested buyers.

Compare similar products Don’t forget there are competing products that will equally performrepparttar same function. Look forrepparttar 105967 products compare features and how they will benefit your business.

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Do not spend endless hours searching forrepparttar 105969 right article on your web site. Auto refresh it will do it.

Earn thousands of dollars by leveraging onrepparttar 105970 expertise of proving methods adopted by successful online experts

Abrahm Hanson, is the founder of Global Business Resources –

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