How To Show the Honesty and Build Trust

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

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Don't tell me that I will get my ad sent to 1700+ safelist members, when in actual fact my ad is going to 1743. Again, if it is going to 1723 members then be specific.

Specifics are more believable.

You tell me...If I told you I sent an article out with a resource to an ebook and sold 24 copies in 3 days. Or that I almost made $350.00 which do you believe?

When in doubt...actually there should be no doubt. ALWAYS be specific.

Suggestion #3: Prove It To Me...

If you are promoting a weight loss product that you have used then show berepparttar before and after photos. If you have won 35 awards, then show me repparttar 144116 pictures. If you are making money through a given program then show merepparttar 144117 money...or I mean your checks or statements.

The proof is inrepparttar 144118 show merepparttar 144119 pudding ;o)

> Pictures - before and after > Bank Statements (Clickbank, Paypal...etc)

Suggestion #4: Testimonials...

It's one thing to show or explainrepparttar 144120 results you are getting by using a product/service, but when you show me there are others, again like me, also getting results..then "Hey, put me in coach!"

Testimonials prove that others besides you are getting results, that if you can do it, others can do it too. However, there is a key to using testimonials and here it is.

Use a wide variety of testimonials. Seerepparttar 144121 thing here is that one ofrepparttar 144122 things you have to prove is that THEY (your prospect) can do it. If you use a variety of testimonials then there will be some from people who they can relate and identify with. Which shows them again, these guys are just like me and yes, if they can do it, then so can I.

Word of advice...when you ask for your testimonials make sure they followrepparttar 144123 same suggestions that I have given you above. Make sure they are specific and repparttar 144124 testimonial provider tells their story.

Suggestion #5: How Come??

Tell your customers why you are making such a great offer.

No one believes that you have slashed your price because you are such a great person. However, if you say you want to get your product inrepparttar 144125 hands of another bunch of customers to gather more proven testimonials, then, that would work.

When you are making an incredible offer then state why, give a reason for doing it and be honest. It truly is a big credibility/trust booster.

Again, it boils down to people NOT wanting to be SOLD they WANT to BUILD a RELATIONSHIP. Business is about relationships. The one you have with your customer is of prime importance because once it has developed you'll reaprepparttar 144126 benefits of profits...and even repeat profits.

How cool is that!!

If you don't have a checklist to follow about how to write a good profit-pulling sales letter, then takerepparttar 144127 time out and get your hands on Turning Browsers Into Buyers. It will take you step-by-step through allrepparttar 144128 elements which make a good sales letter and don't forget to add inrepparttar 144129 tips above

Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her home office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Hey...are you a do-it yourself marketer? Are you struggling a little? Need just a little help??? Can you imagine how far your business could grow with a Marketing Coach in your pocket??? Take a no cost Test Drive TODAY!!

eMail Follow Up System in 3 Easy Steps!

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

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Step 2 - Automate

You're probably thinking, yup I know I need an autoresponder in order to do this. Of course you do, that goes without saying. But, you need to seerepparttar bigger picture here. You have a prospect that has receivedrepparttar 144115 information and you have indicated that there is more "to come." That "more to come" is what I am referring to. Make sure you have it already to go and uploaded into your autoresponder.

Yup, ya got to think ahead...there is no room for "fly-by-the seat of your pants" marketing here. Sit down and plan out a 7 message follow up for this list and have it loaded and ready to go.

Leave some time between each mailing...something like between 7-10 days. Remember this isn't your general list, this is a targeted one with specific information and of course specific offers geared to them.

Through these 7 messages your goal is to keep building uponrepparttar 144116 information that they prospect originally requested. You know they are interested because they hit your autoresponder inrepparttar 144117 first place, right ;o)

So give themrepparttar 144118 good, solid content RELATING torepparttar 144119 original that they requested.

In our example above I would keep providing them with information concerning no cost marketing resources. I would sendrepparttar 144120 article as I said I would and thenrepparttar 144121 other 6 messages would perhaps look at what to spot in a good no cost marketing resource, how to test a resource, how to trackrepparttar 144122 results, and how to userepparttar 144123 information they have gathered to make money. Allrepparttar 144124 while I mention that there is STILL MORE to come and of course provide them withrepparttar 144125 opt-out option at all times.

I also can weave in my offers and because ofrepparttar 144126 way I have set my system up, these offers come inrepparttar 144127 form of recommendations, there is no hard sell tactics happening here.

Step 3 -Special Mailings

Ok, we have a sublist with a theme of no cost marketing resources. As I release a new product (based on this theme) or find more resources to share, then I will send out a special mailing with this information.

The idea is that these are "special" so they are not to be used as some form of "mass or blast" marketing tactic. What we have done with these people is built a good solid relationship with them. We have sent them fantastic info that they can use and we keep building by providing them with even more information and over-delivering. Why would we want to then ruin all that by blasting them every week... WE DON'T.

These special mailings should be limited to using them twice a month. It stands to reason that some months you may not use them at all. But in this caserepparttar 144128 idea is that it is special so make it good. Keeprepparttar 144129 momentum of good solid information and tie in a good offer.

A good rule of thumb is to think in these terms...

A good mailing is something that benefitsrepparttar 144130 list member andrepparttar 144131 list owner. It has to be a win/win for both or it just won't work.

When you are thinking in terms of lists, you have to realize that a list can come from anywhere. It is just a matter of seeing it. As I mentioned above, think of your products/services as little individual lists. Break them down and build a sublist around each products theme.

Do it right and you may find a little niche where you didn't realize it…now how cool is that!!

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Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her home office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Hey...are you a do-it yourself marketer? Are you struggling a little? Need just a little help??? Can you imagine how far your business could grow with a Marketing Coach in your pocket??? Take a no cost Test Drive TODAY!!

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