How To Shop and Save On Website Hosting

Written by Jim Edwards

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Most web hosts allow you to set up email addresses connected with your domain, such as, and have them forward to your email account, like The ability to set up email aliases forms an integral part of any online business. Make sure your hosting company allows you to set up at least 5 email aliases.

Website Tools

If you want to do anything more than let people look at static web pages, you will need to have certain tools available. The two most important tools are CGI and website statistics. These allow you to run scripts and see who came to your site and when.

Tech Support

Make sure you understand any company's technical support policies and hours of operation. Don't wait until Saturday afternoon to discover your only help option is to wait and email them Monday morning.

Go to and check outrepparttar tool for researching and comparingrepparttar 134364 offerings of over 9,000 different website hosting companies. Tryrepparttar 134365 "Power Search" feature, which allows you to specify about 50 different variables, including price, company location, bandwidth, and number of email aliases allowed. It even lets you search by how oftenrepparttar 134366 hosting company backs up its servers to protect against data loss.

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Finding a Home for Your Internet Enterprise - A Point by Point List

Written by Francisco Aloy

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You should look to get as many integrated services as you can. That's so important because it's VERY expensive to order them afterrepparttar fact.

Room for Growth:

If you think you'll ever branch out, this is something to consider: Will you be able to create additional Internet addresses linked to your main account, at no extra cost? Some providers allow you to take advantage of that feature; a point well worth considering for future expansion.


When considering how much to spend, you have to take into account all ofrepparttar 134363 above plus your financial situation. Only you know how much you can afford to pay.

Extra Considerations

Since only you know what kind of enterprise is going to anchor your initial Internet adventure, you should consider all aspects related to it. As an example, if you're going to offer sound and streaming video to your customers, your needs should be met by a provider that has allrepparttar 134364 specific requirements needed for those services.

Hosting AND a source of Income

There are some providers that will offer you discounts or financial incentives to bring in subscribers. A point to consider because you get two birds with one stone: A home for your enterprise and a way to make a steady monthly income from your referrals. I've heard some folks are making a very good living doing that!

Hunting for a place to host your Internet venture is a big decision that will affect your entire Web operation. You should take your time and consider allrepparttar 134365 angles. It's something so basic! Makingrepparttar 134366 right choices will make your first Internet presence a streamlined and productive affair.


by Francisco Aloy

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