How To Sell On Ebay & Keep Your Shirt

Written by Isaiah Hull

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Inrepparttar long run, this will save you a lot of time and frustration, as you will be able to create repparttar 147625 exact look and feel you want for your auctions.

However, if you donít haverepparttar 147626 time to learn HTML, you can either purchase a template online for a dollar or less or you could have one professionally- created to fit your specifications at

Not only will this save you additional auction fees on Ebay, but it will boost your credibility as a seller, potentially raisingrepparttar 147627 amount of bids you receive--and subsequently increasing your profit-margin

The third and last method I will go over involves improvingrepparttar 147628 mechanics of your auction, so you can pull just as many customers as a featured listing would, but without using one.

This is actually quite simple. All you have to do is carefully construct your title to accomplishrepparttar 147629 following two goals: 1) include as many targeted, high-traffic keywords as possible; and 2) form a coherent and compelling message that will entice these new streams of traffic to click through to your auction.

If you can achieve a better balance than what you have right now, you will notice an enormous boost in traffic. In fact, it can easily berepparttar 147630 difference between 25 auction visitors and 250!

Some people make a full-time income buying fromrepparttar 147631 auctions that get 25 visitors and then reselling with this tactic, which gets them 250.

By now, you know what you need to do to cut a serious chunk out of your Ebay sellerís fees. Put this to work in your auctions - and you could be seeing that breakthrough I talked about in a matter of weeks. - Written by Isaiah Hull, author of "How to Profit on Ebay In Seven Days Without Spending A Single Penny." For a limited time only you can get a pre-publication copy of his book for ONE-FOURTH the post-publication price!

Building a Resume Writing Service for Profit

Written by Randy Wilson

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Offer free advice on your web site. Rather than "giving away" advice, you are establishing yourself as an expert who has even more to offer.

A resume writing service is notrepparttar type of business that has many repeat customers. (Actually, a repeat customer in this business is kind of a bad thing.) Don't expect a lot of repeat customers, but do make it easy for your customers to refer their job-seeking friends and family members. Your business depends on word of mouth.

Training, Skills or Experience Needed:

A professional writing service is driven more by results and marketing than a particular college degree. Becoming certified byrepparttar 147573 Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW) orrepparttar 147574 National Resume Writers Association (NRWA) can help establish your credentials.

Educate yourself by studyingrepparttar 147575 resumes of current and past job seekers. Searchrepparttar 147576 web; they're easy to find. Look for examples ofrepparttar 147577 good,repparttar 147578 bad, andrepparttar 147579 just plain ugly. This will be some ofrepparttar 147580 biggest help in preparing you to produce resumes from scratch.

There are many books and online tutorials dedicated to whatrepparttar 147581 authors consider to berepparttar 147582 best advice for writing a resume. Read them all, connectrepparttar 147583 dots, and you will come away with a realistic understanding of what employers seek in a resume.

Helpful Books or Trade Publications:

  • How to Start a Home-Based Resume Business

  • Start Your Own Resume Writing Business

  • Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer

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