How To Select A Good Website Hosting Company

Written by Jeff Colburn

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Free sites may also changerepparttar rules about what you can have on your site. You may suddenly find that one or more of your pages are banned because of their content. I started out with free hosting years ago, but soon outgrew it and had to buy my own domain name, create a new website and start all over again getting my pages listed with search engines. When my free site was removed, allrepparttar 134922 links on search engines to that site no longer worked.

Avoid a hosting company that gives you Shared or Virtual Hosting. Shared hosting means thatrepparttar 134923 server,repparttar 134924 computer where your website resides, is shared with possibly hundreds of websites who all userepparttar 134925 same server software. The hosting company gives you a certain amount of storage space onrepparttar 134926 server's hard drive for your site, and that hard drive stores as many sites as space allows. The problem is that since allrepparttar 134927 websites are sharingrepparttar 134928 same server software, if one website is attacked by a virus or hacker andrepparttar 134929 server software is damaged, then allrepparttar 134930 websites on that server will be affectedrepparttar 134931 same way that single site is affected.

Look for a host that offers a Virtual Private Server. This means that your website resides in a partitioned section ofrepparttar 134932 server and has its own server software. I've used Westhost for several years with no problems. They have great tech support and constantly improverepparttar 134933 features they offer. You can find a banner link to them atrepparttar 134934 bottom of my page at

To look for other web hosting services try these links.

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As you check out web hosting services you will encounter some words that you may not have heard before. Here's some useful terminology that will clear things up for you.

  • Auto Responder - An automated program that, when it receives an e-mail, sends out an e-mail with a message and/or attachment torepparttar 134935 person who sentrepparttar 134936 e-mail. This is often used with websites that sell ebooks and other electronic information. The person clicks on an e-mail link forrepparttar 134937 ebook they want andrepparttar 134938 autoresponder sends it to them. It's a real time saver.
  • Bandwidth (Data Transfer) - This isrepparttar 134939 amount of data that you or others upload to your site and download from your site. A typical site uses less than 5 GB (Gigabytes) per month.
  • CGI Bin -repparttar 134940 Common Gateway Interface bin is where programs are stored that let you put things on your site like a guestbook and bulletin board.
  • Control Panel - This is an interface that lets you controlrepparttar 134941 tools, settings and utilities that your web host provides.
  • Disk Space - This isrepparttar 134942 amount of space you have onrepparttar 134943 server's hard drive to store your website. Unless your site is loaded with graphics, which it shouldn't be, then you don't need a lot of space.
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol is a common way to upload and download your website pages and files.

Once you find a few place you like, check them out atrepparttar 134944 Better Business Bureau at and do a search on Yahoo and Google to see if anyone has posted anything bad about them.

It can be difficult to know what to look for in a hosting company if you're new torepparttar 134945 Internet. The best solution is to do a lot of research, talk to people you know who have websites and start trying different hosts who offer a 30-day money back guarantee. As long as you own your domain name, and you have created your own website, or had someone create it for you, then you will be fine. With these two things done, you can take your site to almost any host without any problems. Jeff Colburn is a website designer and writer. His goal is to make the process of creating or updating your website easy and simple for you, while creating a website that meets all your needs and expectations. Jeff can also create all of the copy for your website.

Speed Up Your Web Site For More Sales

Written by Alvin Apple

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FedEx made their pages speedier by replacingrepparttar little graphics next to links with HTML dots. The old graphics popped ontorepparttar 134827 page one by one. Done tastefully,repparttar 134828 dots appear instantly and look just as good.

For outstanding examples of just how good plain old HTML can look, see The site is dedicated to clever designers who create outstanding pages all under 5k. Even onrepparttar 134829 slowest of dial-up lines, these pages load in less than a second.

Step 3. Bagrepparttar 134830 Java. Java enabled links that change their look when you wave a mouse over them require three different graphics to work. A visitor's computer also has to take time to interpretrepparttar 134831 Java code. Use non-Java links instead.

Also reconsider those Java scrolling news headlines. They also take time to load. CNN took their Java ticker down, making their page load faster. Visitors never missed it.

Step 4. Cut down on links. Lots of sites have a big thick forest of links atrepparttar 134832 bottom of each page. It's doubtful many visitors even see all of these. If you've got more than ten links, you have too many. Cut some out and watch your page load just a bit faster.

While I'm all for copy-intense sites, very long copy can make a huge difference in how fast a page loads. Keep your text at around 300 words onrepparttar 134833 opening page. Inner pages can be longer.

Step 5. Repeat graphics. One ofrepparttar 134834 best ways to speed up your site is to userepparttar 134835 same graphics on every page. Once a graphic has loaded, it doesn't have to load again. I like to have a medium-sized logo atrepparttar 134836 top ofrepparttar 134837 page, then a small logo atrepparttar 134838 bottom. It adds color and personality to an otherwise plain page, giving your site a feeling of continuity.

Once you've paired down your pages, try comparing them to your competition. Clean outrepparttar 134839 cache on your browser, then time how long it takes your page to load. Now time how long it takes for competitors' pages to load. Results will vary from one user torepparttar 134840 next, but you will get a pretty good idea of where your pages stand.

Alvin Apple helps everyday people start businesses they will enjoy. Then he teaches them how to succeed. Read all his helpful strategies, including his latest article, "How to write the perfect classified ad" at Reach Alvin at 801-328-9006 or

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