How To Seal The Deal By Phone

Written by Heather Reimer

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...chew on a pen, your fingernails, gum or anything else while onrepparttar phone. or slurp coffee.


...make important calls when you're tired or not feeling well.

...EVER put a sales call on hold while you take another call.

...repeat stalling words like 'basically', 'actually' and 'uh'. It screams out that you're not sure where you're going.

...waste their time. Have all your facts close at hand and review them beforerepparttar 127456 call so they are atrepparttar 127457 top of your mind andrepparttar 127458 tip of your tongue.

5. Ask forrepparttar 127459 sale. Inrepparttar 127460 same way we constantly remind web surfers to "click here", we need to inviterepparttar 127461 prospect to take action.

6. Finally, prepare yourself mentally for rejection. You don't want your disappointment to come through in your voice because that same client might resurface another day. And you want him/her to remember your pleasant disposition, right?

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5 Powerful Techniques that Produce Unstoppable Sales

Written by Ted Nicholas

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In your sales letters, you must wait untilrepparttar end to revealrepparttar 127455 price and ordering instructions. This puts them inrepparttar 127456 proper frame of mind to buy because you would have given allrepparttar 127457 benefits and particulars your prospect needs prior to asking forrepparttar 127458 order.

If your offer includes a brochure and an order form, separate them fromrepparttar 127459 letter. This strategy will increase response. If youíre using direct mail, putrepparttar 127460 brochure and order form in a sealed envelope. Onrepparttar 127461 outside ofrepparttar 127462 envelope, printrepparttar 127463 following: "Please donít open until you have read my letter." If your sales letter is online, include a link to a separate order page.

Magic Technique #4 -- Typefaces are important

In direct mail, headlines should be in Times-Roman font, serif, or sans serif typefaces. The body copy should always be Times Roman. Reason? Onrepparttar 127464 written page, itís easy to read. Never use a sans serif typeface in body copy.

On websites,repparttar 127465 sans serif typefaces such as Arial and Verdana seem to work best because they are more inviting to read in a sea of cyber-clutter.

Strive for an editorial look. The ad should appear similar to an article inrepparttar 127466 publication in which your ads will run. I call this format an "advertorial." Five times as many people read editorials than messages that scream out, "Iím an ad!" If an advertorial is prepared in a way that lends credibility, it can pull up to 500% more in sales!

Magic Technique #5 -- Pricing your product

Here is a really powerful tip that will increase your profits. You may have noticed thatrepparttar 127467 price of my books and tapes ends in 7. There is a good reason for this. Remarkably, withrepparttar 127468 same copy and offer for any given product, I have proven time and again through testing that you can increase sales simply by changingrepparttar 127469 price to one ending inrepparttar 127470 number 7.

Recently at a seminar wherein I spoke, my co- speaker, Gil Good (in charge of promotions for The Wall Street Journal for many years), discussed that subscription offers ending in 7 out-pulled all others. At my last seminar, an attendee, a biblical scholar, pointed outrepparttar 127471 number seven was often used inrepparttar 127472 Bible. Rememberrepparttar 127473 phrase, "70 X 7"? Seven may be a number that is truly blessed! The most effective magazine subscription offer, made many years ago, was by Life Magazine Ė and its price was $7.77.

Test price this way: If your current price is $19.95, try $19.97. If you now sell at $69, test $67 or $77; or if your price is $99, try $97, etc.!

Ted Nicholas, widely recognized as one of the greatest direct marketing wizards of all time, is best known for having earned 24.5 million dollars on the sale of a single book which was primarily sold through direct mail.

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