How To Safely Offer Seller Financing

Written by Steve Gillman

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5. Considerrepparttar whole picture. Suppose a bank will loan 90%, and is okay with you taking back a $5,000 second mortgage, allowingrepparttar 147260 buyer to get in with what cash he has. If you're getting $6,000 more than you expected by accomodatingrepparttar 147261 buyer's needs, where'srepparttar 147262 loss? You're okay if he never paysrepparttar 147263 $5,000, right?

6. Talk to a lawyer. Maybe in your area it takes two years to get a foreclosure on a mortgage throughrepparttar 147264 courts, and only six months to foreclose on a "contract for sale." Knowing these things can help you sell inrepparttar 147265 safest way.

Offering seller financing makes it easier to sell, and to get a higher price. Just be safe about it. Have a real estate lawyer review your paperwork, and userepparttar 147266 tips here.

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Is your Identity REALLY safe?

Written by Ken Burnett

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If you receive strange or suspicious inquiries asking for your account information to verify a statement or confirm an award or prize your bank and report this immediately.

Times have changed overrepparttar years. It is suggested that you no longer attach outgoing mail to your mailbox for pickup. Instead, deliver it directly to an official Post Office or postal collection box. This is one ofrepparttar 147220 easiest ways a thief can steal your identity.

If you notice that your regular bills have stopped coming, find out why. Callrepparttar 147221 company to verify. Someone could have filed a false change of address to re-direct your information to his or her address.


By protecting yourself using these simple steps, you can help prevent would be identity theives from accessing and gaining your identity.

These days Identity Theft is making HUGE headlines inrepparttar 147222 News. Always be on guard to detect and prevent any would-be theieves from stealing your Identity. No one wants to suffer malicious damages caused by someone posing as you or cleaning out your bank accounts, running up debt on credit cards, or any number of other unauthorized acts.

These threats are REAL ! Hundreds of thousands of people are victimized by these crimes every year.

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