How To Run A Successful Fundraiser

Written by Keith & Rema Smith

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Find out what you need. Survey those who are active participants withinrepparttar your organization or group.

Example: The PTA/PTO may want to ask teachers what is needed inrepparttar 109381 classrooms or administrators what is needed inrepparttar 109382 school as a whole. Then choose fromrepparttar 109383 list of items that appear inrepparttar 109384 majority or allowrepparttar 109385 fundraising committee to decide amongstrepparttar 109386 available choices.

3)How much will you need? This is where you create a goal.

For instance, if your goal is to raise money to purchase computer equipment, research allrepparttar 109387 costs involved (hardware, software, installation, etc.).

Also,don't forgetrepparttar 109388 annual costs of maintenance and repair if you are purchasing equipment.

4)Who will be your fundraising personnel responsible for:

1.Choosing a fundraiser

2.Making sure order forms get torepparttar 109389 sellers

3.Getting information out torepparttar 109390 public about your fundraiser

4.Collecting orders

5.Tallying orders

6.Counting Money

7.Depositing Money

8.Handling delivery

5)How are you going to raiserepparttar 109391 money?

Will you userepparttar 109392 direct sales approach? Brochure sales such as cookie dough, cheesecakes, candles, etc.

What about community service activities? Auctions, car washes, leaf raking, concessions at concerts or sporting events, etc.

As you can see, getting organized is not that difficult, isn't it? Once you have answeredrepparttar 109393 questions relevant to your group, you are on your way to earning those profits you desire which leads us torepparttar 109394 topic ofrepparttar 109395 next newsletter:

Choosing A Fundraiser

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So You Want To Be a Nurse When You Grow Up?

Written by Pat Wooten, RN, BSN

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Another place to locate a CRNA isrepparttar AOL people directory, provided you are an AOL subscriber. On your navigational tool bar, just click on "People”, then "Member Directory." Next, onrepparttar 109380 first text field line, type in “CRNA” and you will find hundreds of CRNAs who are already in your own backyard. If you are not an AOL subscriber, check to see if your ISP has a searchable membership directory and find other members in a similar fashion. Send a member or two repparttar 109381 same introductory note mentioned earlier. This may be time consuming, but going through nursing school and getting an advanced degree, only to find it is not for you, is both equally cost and time consuming. So save yourself some time, money, and peace of mind. Becoming a CRNA is an investment.

Nursing associations, in which your specialty area is affiliated with, usually function on a national and local level. Here are two examples: onrepparttar 109382 national level, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists,, and on repparttar 109383 local level, Alabama Association of Nurse Anesthetists,

It's important to note, these are notrepparttar 109384 only CRNA focused nursing associations, they are merely cited here as examples. Study their respective websites and contact them to see if you can attend their next meeting. Tell them a little about yourself and interests inrepparttar 109385 profession, and that you'd be interested in sitting in on a meeting or attending an upcoming event, as a guest. The national associations have local affiliates, so find out whererepparttar 109386 nearest affiliate is and give them a call or send email. The worst they can say is "No." If you don't receive a favorable response, try another organization, even if you aren't interested inrepparttar 109387 specialty area. Remember repparttar 109388 idea is to gain some experience, and more knowledge aboutrepparttar 109389 profession of nursing.

If you get to attend one ofrepparttar 109390 organization's meetings or functions, you will surely meet nurses who have changed specialty areas at some point in their career. Therefore, interacting and mingling will benefit you greatly. If you were interested in another specialty area, here is an ANA (American Nurses Association) link to Nursing Organizations:

Online nurse focused discussion forums are another place worth investing some time in. You can askrepparttar 109391 same open ended questions mentioned earlier. Or you can read message threads of those who have already asked similar questions about getting into nursing. Remember, you don't have to be a nurse to read or participate in most forums. Also, you may run across some discussions from disgruntled message posters, but don't let this discourage you, this is another person's experience. You are not in their situation. You don't have all ofrepparttar 109392 facts. For all you know,repparttar 109393 person may not even be a nurse. Be objective when you readrepparttar 109394 posts inrepparttar 109395 nursing forums. A good place to start is All Nurses website,, since it has one ofrepparttar 109396 largest number of participants in nursing forums.

Contact your local hospitals and other employers that hire nurses, and ask to speak withrepparttar 109397 human resources or personnel manager. The manager will be able to provide you with information on nursing and may be able to connect you with one of their employees who would speak with you aboutrepparttar 109398 profession.

The last task you need to complete is to try to volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. You don't have to commit to a lifetime of volunteering; many organizations need volunteers to sit with patients or residents as companions. Volunteering inrepparttar 109399 mail department of any facility won't help, so concentrate your efforts on volunteering in a patient care setting, and then you can have a direct visual ofrepparttar 109400 nurse-patient interaction. This experience will be invaluable for you.

Now, if you have a busy schedule and you're saying, "I don't have time to volunteer," there's another alternative for you. Contact your local community college and college or university's school of nursing. You can ask them to put you in contact with a first & second year student atrepparttar 109401 community college and a freshman and senior student andrepparttar 109402 college or university. Spend a day with them in school. Due to liability issues, you probably won't be able to go onrepparttar 109403 clinical rotations withrepparttar 109404 senior student, but that student can inform you of what can be expected and you can attend a class or few forrepparttar 109405 day. Find out how many coursesrepparttar 109406 student is enrolled in and how much time is spent on studies. Remember, this will vary with each student and educational institution.

All of this data and experience should be collected and completed at least six months to a year before you decide to apply to nursing school. The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) title was used merely as an example and any aspect of this career research can be applied to any person seeking information on how to career research for becoming a nurse and wishing to practice in any specialty area. Before you actually start applying to schools and taking entrance exams, as you can see there are many ways to do your research on nursing as a profession. In addition to researching schools, reading career books, taking aptitude tests, talking to family and friends inrepparttar 109407 profession; these combined reality experiences will help you to become better informed and prepared forrepparttar 109408 decision you will make. Best wishes with your nursing career.

The author is a registered nurse entrepreneur and publishes a nursing career website,, found at and can be reached at

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