How To Run A Stress-Free Online Business

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

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are working to finance your "real passion", your growing home business. It will make you appreciaterepparttar time you have at night and onrepparttar 117518 weekends to make "your" business a success. All day long, you can't wait to get home to "get started" on your most important work ofrepparttar 117519 day, building "your" business. You may even be able to work on your business ideas during repparttar 117520 day while your at work, in a discrete manner. Your standard equipment for your regular job work day, whether you work in an office or drive a truck, should include a notebook (or two) to capture good ideas that hit you while you are working. When you have slow periods or break time, you can also write or complete works in progress. A pocket- sized voice memo recorder is also a great tool to carry around with you at all times. When that great idea hits you, and you can't stop to take out your notebook and jot it down, just record a short message to yourself. Listening to these personal notes later will put your "idea machine" back in gear, so your brainstorming can continue from where it left off earlier inrepparttar 117521 day. Having this kind of dedication to build your business, while still payingrepparttar 117522 bills, will allow you torepparttar 117523 haverepparttar 117524 business that you've always dreamed of.

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BEYOND EBOOKS - 10 Powerful Alternative Infoproduct Formats Part 1 of 2

Written by Jeff Smith

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We have just started to see use of electronic courses onrepparttar internet. Many are still offered for free to draw prospects to product sites or for online branding purposes. However, there is no reason why a detailed 6 or 7-part e-course could not be sold for $20-$30 - similar content to an eBook, but delivered in parts right torepparttar 117517 inbox of your customers.

4. Teleseminar

30-minute to 2-hour, or in some cases longer, seminars that you charge to provide customers your knowledge on particular topics. Range in price from free to several hundred dollars. Teleseminars haverepparttar 117518 added option of recordingrepparttar 117519 session, providing you with an audio product you can market. Often you can get 30-40 or more subscribers to pay $20-$40 each forrepparttar 117520 telesminar, then charge something similar forrepparttar 117521 audio product to a much wider market later on.

5. Audio Version of your eBook

Many people now have tons of eBooks on their computers that they have not, and probably will not ever look at. Given our busy lifestyles, recording your information into your PC or recording device and converting it to .wav, real audio or mp3 format give your customersrepparttar 117522 ability to take your information with them "onrepparttar 117523 run" Often you will get from 25% to 50% more for an audio version of your product over an eBook.

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