How To Register Your Domain

Written by Matthew Coers

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In addition to recently expired domains, you can also do searches onrepparttar major registration sites such as:

If you need some ideas, there are a number of websites that allow you to search recently expired domains that you can purchase for just a few dollars. Some of these domains are already indexed in search engines or directories, and that can give you a certain benefit since it can be difficult to get indexed by search engines. A few are: If your business is already established then you have less room to maneuver in selecting a domain. However, if you are just now establishing your business, and haven’t yet decided on a name for your company, you may want to wait until you’ve found a top-level domain that is available and name your business after that.

A few considerations when picking a domain name:

  • Make it descriptive – Visitors should be able to tell what your site is about by looking at your domain name
  • Keep It Short and Simple – Yesrepparttar 131577 “KISS” theory applies to domain names. Remember, your domain name will also be your email address. Your email address needs to be simple enough that you can easily give it overrepparttar 131578 phone to a prospect without having to repeat yourself multiple times.
  • Don’t use special characters and modifiers – This means hyphens, “-”, underscores, “_”, or modifiers like “inc” or “biz” etc. It is next to impossible to explain to someone overrepparttar 131579 phone why your domain has a hyphen in it. Leader companies don’t have such things.
  • If at all possible your domain should be: If that domain is not available, you should consider changingrepparttar 131580 name ofrepparttar 131581 company to a domain that is available. It’s that important.
  • Pick a top level domain for your geographical area (i.e. .com,, .hk). Feel free to also purchaserepparttar 131582 .net, .org, .tv and others, but you should make sure you getrepparttar 131583 .com.
Once you have decided on a domain name, you can register it at one ofrepparttar 131584 registration sites. Regardless of where you register your domain,repparttar 131585 process is similar. You enterrepparttar 131586 domain you wish to register, and followrepparttar 131587 steps to pay for it.

In conclusion, registering a domain is an easy process that can be difficult to execute properly. Your domain name should be descriptive ofrepparttar 131588 site you are building, and it should also be simple to remember. You should make sure to have a top-level domain such as .com or Finally, purchasing a recently expired domain that is pertinant to your industry may be beneficial in that you may be purchasing a domain that is already recognized byrepparttar 131589 major search engines.

Mr. Coers specializes in helping entrepreneurs build effective web businesses. His website, contains useful articles on how to build a website and website planning.

How To Build A Website

Written by Matthew Coers

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The most important thing in building web pages is to start doing it. You may revise your site a number of times before you ever actually post it online. That’s ok, but recognize that it does take time to build a site – especially your first time out. It’s part ofrepparttar learning curve and necessary to making sure you have thoroughly thought out each aspect of your site’s navigation and content.

FTP Files to Your Website

If you have not yet selected a web hosting company, then you may want to read our article, "Finding A Quality (And Affordable) Web Host". This article will guide you throughrepparttar 131575 process of finding a web host that satisfies your needs without costing you a fortune.

When you purchased your web hosting service, your web host gave you FTP credentials consisting ofrepparttar 131576 FTP site, user name and password for your account. You will use this information to putrepparttar 131577 pages you create online.

GoLive, Dreamweaver and FrontPage all come with embedded FTP programs, so you can just enter your FTP credentials into their client and follow your program’s instructions to publish your pages.

There are times, however, when you may want to FTP files to your FTP server without using your development environment’s embedded FTP functionality. Therefore it’s a good idea to go ahead and set up a separate client for uploading things like images, pdfs, or other linked objects. Go online and download a free FTP program. Several free FTP clients you may choose to use:

  • Leach FTP (Download)
  • WSFTP (Download)
  • Microsoft Explorer – Typerepparttar 131578 FTP location intorepparttar 131579 browser and then enter your credentials intorepparttar 131580 popup box.

Installrepparttar 131581 program and then enter your FTP information intorepparttar 131582 connection screen. Once you have successfully connected to your FTP site, posting your web site is as easy as copyingrepparttar 131583 files from your home computer to your website.

Mr. Coers specializes in helping entrepreneurs build effective web businesses. His website, contains useful articles on how to build a website and website planning.

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