How To Reduce Web Hosting Bandwidth

Written by Herman Drost

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Now recalculate this number for each page, and you’ll know approximately how much bandwidth your entire site requires.

How can you reduce bandwidth usage? The easy way is to reducerepparttar size ofrepparttar 134430 files on your site, particularly images and other graphics. For example, you have a large image (i.e. 200KB) on your web page that is downloaded by each visitor every timerepparttar 134431 page is requested. If you reduce this image to 20KB or remove it altogether, it will dramatically cut your bandwidth usage. It will also speed up your site’s performance.

For more information on optimizing images forrepparttar 134432 Web, read my article, “Preparing Images for Your Web Site”, (

Web Sites that have MP3s to download, movies, music playing inrepparttar 134433 background and large images, will obviously have a higher bandwidth. Large web sites or sites that expect a lot of traffic, will also use a lot.

If your site has mainly html pages and small images, your bandwidth will not be that high.

Bandwidth Tools Monitoring bandwidth

Web Page Checker

Tuning up your Web Site

Bandwidth Tips If you make changes to your site by adding more files and/or web pages, recalculate your web site file size.

Estimate how many visitors will be accessing your web pages overrepparttar 134434 next few months.

Recalculaterepparttar 134435 bandwidth usage for your site. You may need more web space and bandwidth for your site to function effectively.

Check with your web hosting company to upgrade your hosting plan.

Conclusion Now you can avoidrepparttar 134436 shock of exceeding your monthly bandwidth usage and paying higher hosting fees. You are now ready to receive more traffic to your site and therefore make more sales. ===========================================================

Herman Drost is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) owner and author of Site Design and Low Cost Hosting from $30/year. (

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Web hosting Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Written by Sanjay Sharma

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The need for a dedicated server to your average shared server user is realised when stats tell you: how quickly people left your site because it was taking too much time to download; or how many daily visitors you are down by, because your site was not up. The true negative isrepparttar worry of how many lost visitors could have been your future paying-customers. The loss could easily equalrepparttar 134429 value ofrepparttar 134430 upgrade to a Dedicated Server!

For a business, a website that is quickly downloadable and up allrepparttar 134431 time givesrepparttar 134432 visitor encouragement that your service is just as reliable, hence you will be more likely to make a sale. It will also enhancerepparttar 134433 company’s image and encourage existing customers to refer your service to others. This will result in more sales for less promotion.

If you are serious about your online presence you need to get a Dedicated Server. –

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