How To Receive Advance Information From God In Writing

Written by By Barbara Rose

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Some ofrepparttar wording may be very different compared to how you normally express yourself. When I received words such as: “My child” or “Let me say unto you” or “this has already happened” it felt awkward.

10. After you receiverepparttar 129481 answers to your questions, read all of your information.

11. Save your writings!

I cannot stress this enough. Inrepparttar 129482 future, you will look back, and see howrepparttar 129483 guidance or answers you were given was astoundingly accurate.

12. That is all there is to it!

Here is an analogy of invaluable personal advice.

Whenever I had a gut instinct, and I did not follow it, I wanted to kick myself afterward. I would say “I knew it, I had a feeling, and I went against it.” I felt regret.

The same thing happened to me every time I did not followrepparttar 129484 guidance given to me in my writings.

I received information in writing. I did not follow it. I did this because either I didn’t believe it, or I didn’t have enough personal growth, or self esteem yet, to follow it. I always wanted to kick myself afterward. Onrepparttar 129485 other hand, when I DID followrepparttar 129486 guidance I received in my writings, just like following my gut instincts, I never went wrong.

Your motive has to be pure when you do a writing. To wantrepparttar 129487 truth. To better yourself. To findrepparttar 129488 best course of action in any personal decision or circumstance facing you.

If you think this is akin to airy fairy nonsense, then I ask you to remember a time when you had a gut instinct, and did not follow it. What wasrepparttar 129489 result?

Were you ever trying to figure something out, and then receivedrepparttar 129490 answers in your sleep?

If you wanted an answer to a question, and I handed you an encyclopedia containing every answer, would you pick it up and look uprepparttar 129491 answer?

This is your own personal encyclopedia. USE IT!

Let me know if it helped you. Every person I taught this to thanked me. They were amazed atrepparttar 129492 accuracy.

It took me two years of written proof to believe I was not insane, or making this up. I am also here to tell you that every human being on Earth has this same ability.

I am sharing this with you so you can access your own personal encyclopedia of advance information and answers. To soar in your own life, gain clarity, and empower yourself withrepparttar 129493 profound wisdom and answers available to you whenever you ask for them.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Enjoy this gift. Enjoy your wisdom. It is there for you to access and use to uplift yourself.

In her nationally praised seminars and workshops, Author, public speaker and columnist Barbara Rose shares the secrets of turning tragedy into triumph. Her books; Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life; and If God Was Like Man (Publication Date April, 2003) share profound, inspiring insight. Please visit her website

Ask Jeff- How do I get my novel finished?

Written by Jeff Heisler

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Word count quotas prevent you from typing pages of empty fluff.

How do you set your quota? If you have a deadline, dividerepparttar number of words you need byrepparttar 129478 number of days you have to write.

If you are aiming to complete a 75,000 word novel in 3 months then you figure:

3 months X 30 days a month= 90 days.

75,000 words/90 days=833 words a day (say 900 forrepparttar 129479 sake of simplicity.)

So that's your quota. If you plan on taking weekends off, or if there are any days when you know you will be unable to write- subtract those days from your calculation. Even a small quota can make a big difference. A 250 word per day quota averages about 1 page a day. You have a nice sized novel in a year.

Whatever your quota is- stick to it. If you go over your quota- fine, but that doesn't mean you can write less tomorrow, or takerepparttar 129480 day off. Most of your creativity happens when you are away fromrepparttar 129481 keyboard. While you're off doing other things your brain, an excellent multitasking device, looks at its list of things to do. If you hold yourself to a steady schedule, your brain will make sure it's prepared.

"I've got that writing assignment coming up," it says to itself. "Lets see, how can I put that scene together?"

Byrepparttar 129482 time you sit down to type,repparttar 129483 hard part's already done. Your brain just pours outrepparttar 129484 text and your time atrepparttar 129485 keyboard is simply dictation. When that happens your pages fly, andrepparttar 129486 writing get less tedious and can actually be fun!

Treat meeting your quota like any other daily chore. You brush your teeth every day, shower every day, and write your quota every day. Think in those terms and you'll finish your novel in no time at all.

(c) Jeff Heisler, 2002

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Heisler is a freelance writer and editor of Write Away. Read more of Jeff's writing articles at You may also write to Jeff at --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jeff Heisler is a freelance writer and editor of Write Away. Read more of Jeff's writing articles at You may also write to Jeff at

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