How To Quickly Design Your Own Doll Dress

Written by Maria Vowell

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Chain three, turn and double crochet back torepparttar breast areas, DECREASErepparttar 116255 same number of stitches to formrepparttar 116256 "cups" and double crochet torepparttar 116257 end ofrepparttar 116258 row.

If you have a rather large doll, then you will want to do a row of double crochet stitches before you closerepparttar 116259 "cups" to make sure thatrepparttar 116260 cups fit snugly.

Chain three, turn and crochet one more row of double crochet stitches.

Now try your bodice on your doll, pinning it closed inrepparttar 116261 back, to make sure that it fits snugly.

If it fits, youíve done a great job and can continue torepparttar 116262 skirt. If it seems to be too tight in some areas, you will need to unravel and start again increasing stitches in those areas.

Once you get used to using this method, youíll find that you wonít have to unravel as often as you may when you first start designing. If you do need to unravel, donít get upset. Youíre just now learning something new, and as with everything that you learn, practice makes perfect.

Once you have a snug fitting bodice, you will need to determine what type of skirt you would like to make.

First, do rows of double crochet until you get to where you would likerepparttar 116263 waist of your skirt to be.

Once your bodice isrepparttar 116264 desired length, then you will want to double crochet in each stitch across. This makesrepparttar 116265 waste form outward to fit over your dolls hips.

Now you can begin designing your skirt. If you want a skirt that flairs, then do a row of three double crochet stitches in each stitch across. If you want a tighter skirt, then do a row of one double crochet stitch in each stitch across.

Chain three, turn and double crochet in each stitch across. Now you can close your skirt into a circle by joiningrepparttar 116266 edges together with a single stitch. Try your bodice on your doll again to make sure that it will pull ontorepparttar 116267 doll snugly then complete your skirt by crocheting it torepparttar 116268 desired length.

Once you skirt is completed, you will have completed your basic dress. You now have a wonderful dress, designed completely by you, and as you can see it wasnít hard at all!

You can add sleeves by joining your yarn intorepparttar 116269 arm loops, and crocheting ruffles aroundrepparttar 116270 edges.

You can also add ruffles into your skirt.

Once you get better at designingrepparttar 116271 basic dress, then you can use other stitches to make fancy details and patterns in your designs.

Ad ruffles or single stitches aroundrepparttar 116272 neck for collars, or sew beads ontorepparttar 116273 necks for a decorative edging.

Before long youíll be designing your own doll dresses like a professional in no time!

Donít forget to always write your instructions down, and for ways to profit usingrepparttar 116274 patterns you design then please visitrepparttar 116275 following URL to obtain your copy of "Profitable Crafts ~ Consignment Sales And Getting Your Projects Published".

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Recommended ATV Accessories And Gear

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Lets look atrepparttar grip. You knowrepparttar 116254 importance of this small thing, don't you? Especially duringrepparttar 116255 summer. Your hands get slippery fromrepparttar 116256 seat and you can lose control ofrepparttar 116257 vehicle. That is whyrepparttar 116258 grips are usually made of non-slip soft rubber. Others are with high-density foam, which deadens vibration and prevents "tingling." Still others are large anti-vibration pads, which minimize fatigue and prevent slippage.

As you know,repparttar 116259 safety while driving an ATV is extremely important. That is why if you care about yourself, you should not forget your helmet. Helmets are your most important accessories.

Because ofrepparttar 116260 often usage and their importance, helmets are made to be stronger and more reliable than they used to be inrepparttar 116261 past.

There are also different types of helmets, according torepparttar 116262 needs ofrepparttar 116263 ATV drivers. Some prefer to enjoyrepparttar 116264 convenience of an open-face helmet plusrepparttar 116265 advantages of a full-face helmet, while others would rather getrepparttar 116266 aerodynamic one-piece hand-laminated multi-layer fiberglass outer shell.

But no matter what helmet you will decide to buy, always keep in mind that you can lose it. In order to prevent it from being stolen or lost, make sure that you have a lock. You also want your helmet to have slip through standard "D" rings which will help securerepparttar 116267 helmet to your ATV.

Have you discovered a few useful new ATV accessories yet? Ok, how about a few ATV accessories for fishing and hunting? Well, there are a lot of products that can help, but here are some really worthy things, like gun and bow racks. They hold your gun, bow or a wide range of different items securely on your ATV while you are off-roading.

Andrepparttar 116268 last ATV accessories, which will surely bring you leasure arerepparttar 116269 handlebar mitts. They fit easily overrepparttar 116270 handlebars to keep your hands warm and dry whenrepparttar 116271 weather turns bad.

Well, it is time for this article to be brought to an end. Hopefully, you have found a few ATV accessories that appeal to you. If you want more information on ATV accessories, here is where to find information on ATV trailers.

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