How To Put A Good Online Venture Together

Written by Helen Raymond

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You don't have to pay that much if you do this:

I prefer to go with a third party provider. They'll handle allrepparttar bank card transactions for you. There is little or no set up cost and no monthly costs. It is true that a commission percentage you pay them is higher than your own arrangements would be. Third party providers will usually ask around fifteen percent of repparttar 117640 sale price. But you only pay if you are actually selling your products or services. You can quickly see how much less you have to sell to break even, or just "catch up". Even whenrepparttar 117641 business does get going, you may want to stay withrepparttar 117642 third party provider, because...

You can start your own affiliate program at no cost too.

Think how fast your business can grow with others selling for you. A two tier afiliate program is another benefit given to you and managed for you by some third party providers. They will updaterepparttar 117643 stats for both you and your affiliates and pay them out ofrepparttar 117644 proceeds that they'll generate for you. If you think about how much time and money, plusrepparttar 117645 expertise, it would take for you to implement all this, you realize: Not only can a good third party provider do all this for you at a low cost, it frees you up to promote your business and affiliate programs.

Who are they? My favorite third party providers are:

For tangibles, is my choice, which does have a monthly fee of about nine dollars. Their commission is lower, only about nine percent, which compensates. They give a full shopping cart and handle auction sales as well. There is not an affiliate program provided for their merchants yet. There are no set up fees.

For intangibles, there is a third party provider that has a set up fee of about fifty dollars, but no monthly fee. You can have up to fifty products, or more by special arrangement. Commission is about fifteen percent. They'll handle an affiliate program too. Clickbank:

For intangibles, like downloadable ebooks and recurring billing (subscriptions), like Right Stuff Co PrivateSite for webmaster information, we use GloBill. There is no set up and no monthly fee. The Commission is about fifteen percent. They do provide an excellent two tier affiliate program. Support is good & their service is great. They have no minimum payout for affiliates; if they earn it, they get paid, twice per month. It is motivating for affiliates to get money into their hands quickly. This is true, even if it is only a small amount inrepparttar 117646 beginning.

I'm not suggesting you do this forever, just until your business is stable; can pay for your own merchant account and affiliate arrangements and show a nice profit overrepparttar 117647 costs. There will be more profit then, since your commission percentage outlay will be lower. You should be able to get where you want to be much faster without worrying about having to recouprepparttar 117648 huge getting started expenses.

Plus (heaven forbid) ifrepparttar 117649 business does not work out inrepparttar 117650 long run, you have not lost much more than time & advertising. Other capital investment money you have is still available for promotion or additional ventures. Maybe, downrepparttar 117651 road you will want to have several businesses up and running when you takerepparttar 117652 leap into managing your own customer payment and affiliate programs. Accepting credit cards is one success key.

Helen Raymond has an entrepreneural background, both offline and online. Marketing promotions include the NetSearch eZine, and wholesale ebook sales at She is active in business help for members at

Three main groups of 'netpreneurs visit the Forums

Written by Helen Raymond

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Successful - most have graduated fromrepparttar school of hard knocks; paid their dues. They'rerepparttar 117639 serious entrepeneuers,repparttar 117640 money makers. But still remembering what it was like to get there, they are trying to offer advice to those who ask allrepparttar 117641 forum questions. They knowrepparttar 117642 only dumb question isrepparttar 117643 one that was never asked and have great patience.

They've learned that it is also good business to help others because it is establishing their expertise and credibility. It perpetuates their own business success with new contacts and opens uprepparttar 117644 discussions. Opportunities surface as well.

They arerepparttar 117645 ones who really keeprepparttar 117646 forums alive and well. Without them, it would not be a teaching-learning situation; It would just be a community visitation center for chit-chat.

Here's To The Wannabees Who're Still In Blissful Dreams!

Here's To The Strugglers Who're Determined To Succeed!

Here's To The Successful Who're Wise Enough To Share! ---------------------

Helen Raymond has an entrepreneural background, both offline and online. Marketing promotions include the NetSearch eZine, and wholesale ebook sales at She is active in business help for members at

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