How To Pull More Profits From Low Traffic Websites

Written by Grady Smith

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Instead of making a sale every 300 hits, you can rework your sales letter or have a professional do it so you can start pulling sales from every 100, 50, or even 25 visitors to your site.

Just look atrepparttar facts:

A sales letter selling a $29 product that converts 1 out of 300 into customers will only make $87 off of 900 hits a week.

But that same product with a sales letter that converts just 1 out of every 100 means you’ve instantly tripled your profits to $260 withrepparttar 117562 same amount of hits.

4) Capture Your Prospects Email Addresses

Then, use an autoresponder to remind them and give them different benefits of your offer and product.

After trying to sell your prospects on your offer by sending them 7 autoresponder messages, you might want to write a few more messages promoting other offers that match your own, but give different benefits.

You can also work on collecting emails for a newsletter. This gives you a chance to offer your products on an ongoing basis. And once you get a large subscriber base, you can begin charging for advertising.

5) Create A Exit Pop-Up With More Targeted Offers

If you can’t sell prospects on your offer, maybe you can sell them on another.

Create a pop up that “pops” whenrepparttar 117563 customer leaves and give them more offers that match with yours. You can do this with affiliate programs, or you can offer your backends.

Traffic is precious. Set goals today to pull more profits from each hit you get.

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"It Costs More to Spend Less"

Written by Holly Cotter

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Total Cost after 6 Months: $1410

Now, let's see what happens when money gets tight and a person decides to skip a month of advertising...but, first, let's be honest. Every person who skips a month of advertising when things get tight, does it more than once. In fact, it becomes a pattern: money is tight - skip advertising this month.

So, let's say, this person has advertised three months out of six. After six months, they will have spent a total of $960 -- a savings of $450. But WAIT -- they're not even breaking even with their expenses yet!

So, they work another six months and, again, they advertise three months out of six. They spend another $960 and finally get into profit.

However, they have now spent $1920 to get into profit ($510 more than they would have spent if they hadn't "saved" money on advertising)...


...they have lost SIX MONTHS of PROFITS they could have been earning!

I think you'll agree, this is getting EXPENSIVE!!

And this example is for a LOW-COST program -- just think how much extra money you would spend if you were working a program that cost $165 each month instead of $60 to remain eligible for commissions, and you decided to "save" money on advertising.

I don't know about you, but I would rather spendrepparttar money up front, invest in my business, and get into profit as quickly as possible so I can maximizerepparttar 117561 time I am EARNINGrepparttar 117562 money I got into business to make.

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