How To Properly Use Ezine Advertising - Conclusion

Written by Joe Bingham

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Obviously, ad tracking can give you more data to work with as far as seeing which ezines are getting you results. However, that can be another expense you must figure intorepparttar cost of your advertising.

So, that's it as far as figuring out whether or not advertising is worthrepparttar 124342 cost a particular ezine is asking, right?

Not hardly. Here'srepparttar 124343 deal.

In all my reading, I've seen most writers say you can expect .5% to 3% response from an ezine, and occasionally get up to 5% or higher even depending on certain factors. I have no problem with those numbers.

What we have talked about before now becomes vitally important. If you've done your job right and selectedrepparttar 124344 best ezines based on appropriate content and audience, and analyzed them to determinerepparttar 124345 best ones to advertise in, then you should have no problem gettingrepparttar 124346 3% response rate. Plus, repeat advertising inrepparttar 124347 same ezine can get you a higher overall response rate asrepparttar 124348 ad keeps drawing hits from different people each time it's seen. Naturally, then, you have to comparerepparttar 124349 cost ofrepparttar 124350 repeated ad torepparttar 124351 number of additional hits it creates. However, often ezines have package deals that reducerepparttar 124352 cost per issue if you buy an ad for multiple issues.

>From here, you also have other questions to answer.

Is targeting ezines worth my time or should I just playrepparttar 124353 numbers and buy bulk ads?

Is my ad going to be effective and pullrepparttar 124354 responses I am seeking?

Is my sales site going to getrepparttar 124355 sales I expect after I get visitors there?

Does what I make from sales overrepparttar 124356 cost of my ads also coverrepparttar 124357 other expenses of my business so that I make a profit overall?

This series focused solely on how to use ezine advertising. However, as you can see there are other factors to be considered. My goal with this series was not to provide you with allrepparttar 124358 answers on how to do everything. I can't do that anyway. I do hope, however, that I've enlightened you torepparttar 124359 choices you do have and started you to thinking about what is going to work best for you.

It's not always simple, but there are things you can do to improve you chances at success. I hope you've learned some of those things with these articles.

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How To Properly Use Ezine Advertising - Part Three

Written by Joe Bingham

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There are many ezines that do offer free ads to their subscribers. Some of these are worthwhile others are not. It really comes down to reader involvement. If people are still readingrepparttar ezine and not just subscribed to put their ad in every week, it may be worth your time. Ifrepparttar 124341 ezine has passed all of you're other criteria up to this point, it has to be worth a shot. At least this costs you nothing but your time.

Paid advertising at this point where you have studied, selected, and analyzed many ezines and come up with a short list is definitely going to be worthrepparttar 124342 cost.

Let's just review what you have gone through in selectingrepparttar 124343 ezines to advertise in.

1. Targeted Content that matchesrepparttar 124344 product, service, or opportunity you are advertising. 2. Acceptable Potential Market based onrepparttar 124345 content ofrepparttar 124346 ezine and whatrepparttar 124347 ezine's editor says about his or her subscriber's interests. 3. Acceptable Ad Formatting and Placement inrepparttar 124348 Ezine. 4. Acceptable Subscriber Base as described byrepparttar 124349 wayrepparttar 124350 ezine gets it's subscribers and keeps them.

Now comesrepparttar 124351 kicker, ad cost. What's a good price, and what isn't?

Well, it just depends. That's not what you wanted to hear, I know. You'd rather I provided a simple rule to go by that made all of your decisions for you. Sorry, but I don't believe that is possible. It is a big subject, however, so we'd best save it forrepparttar 124352 final installment in this series.

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