How To Promote Affiliate Programs With Much More Success - Part 1: Your Own Promotion Material

Written by Jim Boere

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2) Add an original incentive to your opt-in form.

The opt-in form isrepparttar most direct approach. You put an opt-in form on your website, and people can sign-up. For this to work well though, there will have to be 'something in it' for your visitors. They aren't likely to sign-up for anything just to do you a favor...

You'll want to give them something of value, for free. A powerful encouragement. Ideally, it's something that other affiliates can't offer. For example:

* Write a special report on how to be successful withrepparttar 143865 program in question, and offer it as a PDF file.

* Write a "How to Get Started with ..." eCourse.

* Offer a report, eBook or software program that is relevant for, and complimentary to,repparttar 143866 affiliate program you're promoting. This should not be a product that can easily be found elsewhere. Or at least not for free.

* Offer one-on-one coaching, either by email or by phone.

* Offer a combination ofrepparttar 143867 above.

* Maybe you have another idea? Then go ahead and try it!

A more indirect approach is the...

3) Warm-up page, with a personal touch.

This can be a single page, where you tellrepparttar 143868 visitor about your own experience withrepparttar 143869 program. You'll want to focus on a few ofrepparttar 143870 biggest benefits ofrepparttar 143871 program - and/orrepparttar 143872 program's retail product(s), and elaborate on those. What did it do for you?

Don't bother listing a ton of technical details or fancy features, but stick torepparttar 143873 benefits. Those are your most powerful selling points.

Here's an example. I have this page on my own website, and it's promotingrepparttar 143874 program that I personally started my online venture with:

You can see how I've made it personal by explaining howrepparttar 143875 program helped ME. And how that adds credibility to my 'story'.

I hope I've given you some new ideas that you can use to improve your results with affiliate programs. Look out for future articles in this series. Or, if you want to receive them automatically, add yourself to my mailing list. Simply send a blank email to this address and I'll keep you updated:

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Jim Boere is a published author and fulltime online marketer. Visit and join the affiliate program he recommends for building a residual income. You will be (automatically) contacted and offered his personal assistance within 48 hrs after joining. Free of charge.

Rags to Riches

Written by Ratliff J

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4. Since we are still inrepparttar early years of affiliate marketing, there is a large shortage of affiliates. There will be many people who sign up to become an affiliate, but either do not haverepparttar 143838 skills orrepparttar 143839 time to become very successful. They will then blow off future opportunities simply because they failed with one affiliate merchant.

To see a directory of Affiliate Programs, check outrepparttar 143840 Official Affiliate Directory.

J. Ratliff is author of the Affiliate Directory.

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