How To Profit From Affiliate Programs

Written by Keegan Michaels

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3. Remember how I promised you would only have to work 10 to 20 minutes per day? The key to this is usingrepparttar Internet's ability to automate tasks.

No question about it, you will want a series of canned email messages you can send to people who are interested. Use a multiple autoresponder to do this ( is a good one.) When someone emails your autoresponder address, they get your messages, one each day.

Chances arerepparttar 102659 affiliate program offers sales letters you can use. If not, get a professional writer to help you put together three sales letters. A set of three often works as well asrepparttar 102660 more common seven messages.

4. Finally, get your own web site. It is super easy to build a nice page or two usingrepparttar 102661 free systems at and

While most marketing onrepparttar 102662 Net is done with email, customers expect you have a web site with additional information. Rather than usingrepparttar 102663 free siterepparttar 102664 affiliate program gives you, create your own site. Your site can tell your story, help people get to know you, tell why you supportrepparttar 102665 affiliate product, then link to your affiliate member site.

There are two reasons for this. Starting prospects with your own site gives you a lot more power to sell. You can tellrepparttar 102666 story of how you usedrepparttar 102667 product and succeeded (very powerful!) and display additional products or services that compliment your main affiliate offer.

Most search engines won't list a canned affiliate site, but they WILL listrepparttar 102668 original site you create. Search engines can be an immense automated source of free visitors.

That's all it takes! Do these four things 10 to 20 minutes per day and you will be well on your way to earning with affiliate programs.

Recent stats showrepparttar 102669 average person spends 20 hours per week online. If you get organized, there is no reason you can't use at least a little of your weekly Internet time to work your own small business.

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Written by Dr. Bill Nieporte

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When you purchase an advertisement--especially one with prominent placement inrepparttar issue--prepare an ad that seems to come fromrepparttar 102658 publisher. The ad should "imply" thatrepparttar 102659 ezine editor endorsesrepparttar 102660 product.

Here's some examples headlines and texts to get you started:


FREE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS: Get thisrepparttar 102661 exciting free report...

SUBSCRIBER BENEFIT: Download this new FREE ebook available to you as a subscriber to this ezine...

SPECIAL OFFER: Subscribers to this ezine are eligible to download our powerful free report...


Do you seerepparttar 102662 power here? The ad plays offrepparttar 102663 relationshiprepparttar 102664 held betweenrepparttar 102665 editor and list members. This will put them in a buying mood.

IS IT ETHICAL? Of course each of you will need to answer that question for him/herself. It is also an issue to be addressed byrepparttar 102666 editor who SHOULD be reviewing all ads for propriety before they are published. Here are some basic rules to keep in mind if you use this strategy.

1) Don't make promises! 2) Provide something for FREE (report, ebook, etc.) 3) Make sure you represent a program of high value (like MMIC)

This is really one ofrepparttar 102667 most powerful strategies you can employ. If done properly, it will help put people in a buying mood and provide you with a significant increase in commissions.

------------------------------ PREPARE AN EFFECTIVE SIG FILE ------------------------------

Wouldn't it be great to earn money just for answering and sending your regular/daily email? That's what I'm doing simply by employing an effective use of signature files (SIG File).

What is a SIG File? In essence it is a brief "ad" designed to getrepparttar 102668 CLICK of those who read your email messages. Most email programs will allow you to automatically include one of these "SIG File" atrepparttar 102669 end each of your emails.

WARNING: The KISS principle applies here (Keep It Simple Stupid). Don't get carried away by adding TOO MUCH to your sig file. Focus on only one program. Use an attention grabbing headline and keeprepparttar 102670 message brief and toorepparttar 102671 point (no more than 6-8 lines).

Does it work? Yes! I've been able to track--on average--2 1/2 sales per month with this technique. With this particular affiliate program that is about $500 in monthly commissions simply for sending and answering emails.

Inrepparttar 102672 increasing competitive arena of Affiliate Program marketing, success seldom comes easy. You can begin to excel aboverepparttar 102673 crowd, however, if you learn some essential marketing skills. Top onrepparttar 102674 list isrepparttar 102675 art of putting people in a buying mood!

Dr. Bill Nieporte is editor of The Success In Life Newsletter ( and top earner in several Affiliate Programs, including "The Masters of Marketing Inner Circle" where he also serves as a support staff member. Learn more about MMIC at - and that you can start using *now* by going to:

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