How To Prepare for a BIG Pay-Off When You Sell Your House

Written by Neeraj Varma

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4. Negotiaterepparttar listing realtor's commission andrepparttar 125443 selling realtor's commission. Ifrepparttar 125444 commission is too low, realtors will spend less time promoting your house. If you are in a hurry, or if you want better service, you are better off increasingrepparttar 125445 commission by $500 rather than reducing your price by $5,000.

5. Develop a features and benefits checklist for realtors. They see so many houses that after a while they all look alike. A written summary of strong points of your house helpsrepparttar 125446 realtor justify a higher price when presenting torepparttar 125447 buyer.

6. Develop a lifestyle oriented features list of your house and surrounding area. A pictorial collage of two or three pages will help increaserepparttar 125448 desirability (and higher value) of your home.

7. Just before a showing make sure everything is well dusted, allrepparttar 125449 lights are on andrepparttar 125450 windows are open, if weather permits. Use a neutral deodorizer just beforerepparttar 125451 buyers arrive. Lighting a candle is very effective in eliminating odors.

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Written by Gary Revel

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I thought you knew everything Aren't you God

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Gary currently lives in the Los Angeles, California area and recently published 4 books of poetry and his first of three autobiographical works planned. The book, 'To Live or Maybe Not' tells a story related to his military service in the US Navy during the Vietnam War Era and his investigation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

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