How To Plan A Garden Right

Written by David Kurshel

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Think about where to place plants that require a lot of sunlight. The best place for such plants is away from buildings and taller trees because these blockrepparttar light at daytime.

Deciding which plants to grow nearrepparttar 150935 house, and which should be inrepparttar 150936 open also requires some thought. If you preferrepparttar 150937 sunshine streaming through your windows, then you are best not to have bulky trees or bushes nearrepparttar 150938 house, where they will blockrepparttar 150939 sunlight.

If you have decided that you will be growing herbs and vegetables,repparttar 150940 best place for them is nearrepparttar 150941 house. When they are nearrepparttar 150942 house, it is more likely that you will be using them for cooking. Besides convenience, you should also think aboutrepparttar 150943 location of vegetables as far as their needs for sunlight are concerned. This is especially true if yours is mainly a vegetable garden.

Last, but not least, take into account your personal preferences, when designing a garden. If there are particular extras you would like to have, for instance winding pathways or gazebos, include them inrepparttar 150944 initial design ofrepparttar 150945 garden. Your outdoor garden is constrained only byrepparttar 150946 limits of your creativity andrepparttar 150947 growing season in your location.

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Lawn Edging

Written by Linda Paquette

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Of course, you can always putrepparttar action into lawn edging by trimming your lawn with an edging tool. Lawn edgers are sold in various types from spade shaped implements to those that look like saw blades on wheels. In addition to muscle powered diggers and walk-behind rolling edgers (which also take a fair amount of muscle in a dry summer!), there are many electric and gas powered appliances. Some weed trimmers also have special lawn edging attachments that keep you from choppingrepparttar 150636 shrubbery off withrepparttar 150637 weeds!

With allrepparttar 150638 variety in todayís modern edging tools, appliances, and edging embellishments, itís easy to make your manicured yard a picture of perfection right up torepparttar 150639 very edge of it!

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