How To Pick The Best Career For You, Part 1: Positioning

Written by Marta L. Driesslein, CECC

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The tantalizer, or “Coming to a Theater Near You” appeals to our sense of emotional need (adventure, laughter, romance, etc.), which then compels us to want to seerepparttar movie. When we seerepparttar 135035 motion picture, we evaluaterepparttar 135036 degree of fulfillment ofrepparttar 135037 emotional need, and subsequently justify our viewing.

This same “Coming to a Theater Near You” concept is Tier One of a powerful three-staged marketing approach that will revolutionize how you find your best career, sooner. Targeted Positioning obtains interviews with recruiters and key decision makers with greater ease. When you position yourself asrepparttar 135038 personalized solution to a company’s identified need or challenge, you justify their investment of time and energy required to find out more about you.

Prove your value by front-loading your Wow! The right mix of marketing strategies or “Coming to a Theater Near You” rapidly confirms your value to decision makers. Achieve this by front-loadingrepparttar 135039 Wow! or sizzle of who you are, what you’ll do, and how your contributions will have a positive affect their organizational growth. Your time-saving effort then auto-creates momentum, anticipated results and preventsrepparttar 135040 pursuit from getting bogged down in “process.”

If you’ve ever been ravenously hungry and caught a whiff of hot, steamy, mouth-watering Fajitas, you know what power front-loadingrepparttar 135041 sizzle has on your appetite! The unique “Coming to a Theater” marketing tactic hasrepparttar 135042 same compelling effect on employers and ensures your career search is hot-wired for success.

Make ‘em drool for you and your talents by changing your focus from “what’s in it for me” to “what’s in it for them” and you’ll have stronger control over pickingrepparttar 135043 best career for you. A sneak peak into Part Two So how do you tierepparttar 135044 exposure torepparttar 135045 solution ofrepparttar 135046 “employer’s” needs and then clearly communicate that linkage? How do you optimistically affectrepparttar 135047 perception ofrepparttar 135048 employer’s purchase of your talents?

Part Two will challenge your traditional thinking on networking and provide you a whole new way of exposing you to career opportunities.

Marta L. Driesslein, CECC( is a senior consultant for R.L. Stevens & Associates Inc., a career marketing firm and organization celebrating over 24 years of providing strategic marketing solutions for its clients’ career transitioning needs.

Effective Networking Skills: Taking Your Job Search To A Whole New Level

Written by David Richter

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An important part of networking is continuance. You’re building a relationship. There needs to be planned follow-up activity and communication. The best way to accomplish this is by asking for their business card and summarizingrepparttar action steps you plan to take based on your dialog. Include a follow-up phone call as part of your summary. Once your brief meeting has concluded, send a thank-you note torepparttar 135034 person, reiterating your appreciation for their willingness to meet with you, and any planned steps you will be taking.

Networking supports your entire job search effort. As an extremely powerful strategy which accounts for roughly 80% of all job fills, it allows you to get in doors that would otherwise be impossible to enter. You can network your way into potential opportunities that can turn intorepparttar 135035 right job created just for you. It’s a great way to taprepparttar 135036 hidden job market!

Networking is about creating relationships which, in turn, creates opportunities. It is about connecting, which builds a network of support that can last a lifetime. Only three ingredients are required:

You will need just a bit of courage to open up a dialog with someone you already know, or someone who was referred to you. You need to be aware of your potential and worth. The final ingredient is caring – caring enough aboutrepparttar 135037 other person to truly be interested in them and to build a connection, to start a relationship. The results will speak for themselves.

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David Richter is a recognized authority in career coaching. His extensive knowledge and experience gained from many years in recruitment, outplacement and career management has allowed David to formulate powerful strategies anyone can use to secure interviews and receive offers. David holds Masters in both Engineering and Counseling Psychology. David's website is:

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