How To Parlay Any Multi-Level Program Into A Million Dollars

Written by Jay Harris

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4) In reply to each SASE you receive, first listrepparttar name and address of each respondent, along withrepparttar 148184 date received and what you send back to them, on 3 by 5 cards. Arrange these cards in zip code and alphabetical order, and store them in an old shoe box. Then, you take your one page report and along with your multi-level marketing brochure--your program--you stuffrepparttar 148185 envelopes and drop them off in your nearest mail box.

If you ad runs inrepparttar 148186 National Inquirer, you could expect to get 1,000 or more responses each time it runs. So far, your cost is forrepparttar 148187 ad--the printing ofrepparttar 148188 one page report--and your multi-level program brochures. From these 1,000 free reports you send out you should be able to convert about 300 into new members intorepparttar 148189 multi-level program you're promoting.

Thus, for an initial cost of $30 forrepparttar 148190 ad--$100 forrepparttar 148191 MLM brochures--andrepparttar 148192 time it takes you to stuffrepparttar 148193 envelopes--300 buyers at $10 each will give you a gross of $3,000... And that's how you parlay your multi-level program into a fortune, using mail order selling techniques.

One very important thing to always remember relative to starting a new business: You cannot take any money coming in from you business advertising, and use it to pay your "everyday" bills. In other words, you cannot expect to use this money to live on---you have to pour it back into your business to perpetuate that flow of income.

Whenever you advertise, in addition to replies to your offer, you can expect a "ton of mail" from other people trying to interest you in what they're selling. Basically, you should go thru all of this "junk mail' and look over, saverepparttar 148194 stuff that looks interesting, is well done, or that you can learn from, and perhaps "lift" some ideas from for use in your own selling efforts.

Compilerepparttar 148195 names ofrepparttar 148196 people and/or companies sending these offers to you. Just as with those replying to advertised offer, jot downrepparttar 148197 date and a short description ofrepparttar 148198 material received--and then send them a sales letter/brochure about your multi-level program. In sending out sales letter/brochures to thee people, you don't have to send them out immediately. You can list these people in an "incoming offer notebook," and then include them with your regular direct mail packages you send out. But for sure, cliprepparttar 148199 stamps and saverepparttar 148200 incoming envelopes along with those from your bona fide replies.

5) So you've spent $150 and made about $3,000 in a period of about three months. Now you want to perpetuate this income, and build it to twice that amount coming in every month. What you do is takerepparttar 148201 income from that first ad, and increase your advertising. In other words, use it to buy ad space in as many other publications as possible.

If you first $150 brought in $3,000 from exposure in just one publication, $2,000 will bring you $50,000 from exposure in 10 different publications. Continue multiplying your advertising exposure and it won't be long before you will be "snowed under" with dollar bills, checks and money orders. remember this though, you cannot really spend any of that money on yourself untilrepparttar 148202 business is bringing in several thousand dollars per month on a regular basis. You have to pour it back intorepparttar 148203 business in order to allow your business to reach its full potential.

6) Make up a one-page "Money Tree" circular, similar to ours which included a reference material within this report. Be sure that you keeprepparttar 148204 cost to "find out about your program" to $2 or less. Then, with a listing of money making reports such as ours--printed onrepparttar 148205 back of your "Money Tree" circular--shotgun this out to as many people as possible.

We've had outstanding success handing them out at local shopping centers, passing them out door-to-door, and by including them as "ride-alongs" with our bulk junk mailing program. The important thing again, is to present your offer to as many different people as possible--particularly to those people with an itch to get rich quick...

In addition to circulating you "Money Tree" flyers by hand, you should rent or buy-on a regular basis--as many different mailing lists on income opportunity seekers as you can afford, and shotgun one of your circulars to each of these names. The publisher of this report (PREMIER) has names and addresses of customers for $35 per thousand, on peel and stick labels. You can also find inexpensive mailing list suppliers in just about any publication that carries mail order advertising.

For sure, you should spendrepparttar 148206 money to obtain a 3rd class bulk rate mailing permit, and then use it to send out all your mailings. Start by sending out 250 pieces per week, and then gradually increase your volume torepparttar 148207 point where you're sending out 5,000 or more pieces per week, and you'll be in business.

7) Sorepparttar 148208 secrets to getting rich in mail order have to do with presenting a free offer most people will find hard to pass up. You make your money from whatever you send out in reply torepparttar 148209 people taking you up onrepparttar 148210 free offer.

You send them a copy ofrepparttar 148211 free report, plus your multi-level marketing brochure. You can stop there if you want, but there's lots more money to be made just from these initial efforts.

Follow-up offers to people who, themselves are out beatingrepparttar 148212 buses attempting to drum up extra income, isrepparttar 148213 wayrepparttar 148214 game is played. So, when you receive all these names nd addresses of people interested in receiving a report on multi-level marketing, you compilerepparttar 148215 names and rent or sell them to other multi-level operators.

Besides including your "Money Tree" circular, andrepparttar 148216 mailing list rental offer, you should also include a one page circular describing and offering for sale, a listing of your money-making reports. And then, by soliciting co-op mailings from other mail order operators, you'll have a "pretty full" envelope of offers going out.

Finally,repparttar 148217 one thing you must always bear in mind is how your mailing package looks torepparttar 148218 person receiving it. Your envelopes should be professionally printed with your return address--your sales letters should be written to impressrepparttar 148219 recipient; no misspelled words or smudges from erasures or worn out typewriters; andrepparttar 148220 eye-appeal of your coupons or offers which are included; and by all means,repparttar 148221 quality of your multi-level brochure. Although multiple colored printing does tend to pull better that just black and white, you can do very well starting with just black and white materials so long arepparttar 148222 image you project is all professional. Photo-copying your offers hoping forrepparttar 148223 best, just won't do. The more affluent you appear to be, fro your envelope to each offer contained within,repparttar 148224 better your chances of making a sale.

So, that's how it's done--you can take these methods of how we've done it, maybe even improve upon them a bit, and make tons of money--or you can set everything aside and tell yourself that you'll get started on it next week. The thing is,repparttar 148225 instructions are valid andrepparttar 148226 opportunity is here and now--whatever you do is up to you.

Article by Jay Harris of IMI Concepts. Visit his website

How To Choose A Multi-Level Marketing Winner

Written by Jay Harris

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In essence, before deciding to become involved in a multi-level marketing company and expect to make a profit, it is essential that you understand:

It is a selling proposition - you will be required to do at least some face-to-face selling - and it will require a lot of your time.

You must have a product line that appeals to most people - in other words, information or program/help that will enable people to fulfill their basic wants such as become rich.

Selling vitamins, wrinkle creams, even food, will NOT fulfill those needs because ofrepparttar intense competitionÉBut, appealing to those people who are already selling a product with a sales improvement or training program, can make you rich.

In addition to understanding what's involved, and a product line that most people want, and will buy from you, you need assistance - instructions and help - in not only sellingrepparttar 148183 product or products, but in how to find new customers on an ongoing basis. Once you've decided to try your hand at multi-level marketing, and you've become affiliated with a company that has a product line you feel will appeal to most people, and you have your advertising/sales materials,repparttar 148184 next thing is to determine how YOU want to sell it - will you be selling door-to-door, via home parties, public seminars, by mail, or a combination of all these methods.

Remember,repparttar 148185 amount of time you spend in actually trying to sellrepparttar 148186 product will determinerepparttar 148187 amount of money you make. The more presentations or sales calls you make,repparttar 148188 more money you're going to make - but unless you make those sales calls, you won't be making any money.

It's up to you to decide just how much time you'll spend with your extra-income producing project.

Article by Jay Harris of IMI Concepts. Visit his website

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